Snappy Snoozers Changes the Way We Wash Our Pet Beds

Snappy Snoozers pet beds was designed for many purposes.​ ​​The cleaning and sanitizing of pet beds has always been a challenge for pet owners. The lengthy downtime without a pet bed, zippers that break in washing process, cushions that lose shape and size, encasings and sheets that are too small for the cushion after the washing process. Most beds will still smell bad because the cushion can't be washed, only the cover. This is what makes Snappy Snoozers so unique! Have a soiled pet bed? Un-snap the quilt, wipe the mattress down with a sanitizing wipe and attach a clean quilt, it's clean in a snap!

"Wipe, Snap & Go! Cleaning is that easy!"

Roberta MacDowell, Owner/Creator

Snappy Snoozers is an inflatable mattress made with PVC, what makes this bed so unique, are the snaps along the sides of the mattress. The snaps allow you to easily to attach and detach a quilt on top of the mattress. Snappy Snoozers are considered orthopedic and are designed to evenly distribute the air within the air chambers of the mattress; this purpose alleviates the pressure off the joints in older arthritic pets. This pet bed was designed to make cleaning and sanitizing a breeze, especially for pets that suffer from incontinence issues. This unique pet bed can be used indoors, outdoors, its waterproof and makes a great travel bed, especially, when it's packaging is a travel tote. Snappy Snoozers is the pet’s version of a Bed-In-A-Bag. It's an all-in-one and comes with a mattress, two replacement quilts, and an air pump packaged in a lovely travel tote.  

Source: Snappy Snoozers Pet Beds Inc.

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