Smash Mouth, DMC (Run DMC) and Kool Keith All Agree That on Election Day We Are All United With 'Unity'

On Election Day, Smash Mouth, DMC and Kool Keith Present Unity, The single and Music Video #UNITY


Oglio Records says, “On Election Day we are all united with Smash Mouth, DMC and Kool Keith for Unity.”

Social media brought together the best of the best. Smash Mouth and their guitarist Greg Camp connected with rapper Kool Keith via Twitter and the rest was magic.

Smash Mouth was raised on Run DMC so the band decided they had to have him on this release. Greg Camp adds, “We were introduced to Kool Keith's music by our keyboardist Michael Klooster and we all hit it off instantly.”

Unity was recorded at Eric Valentine's Barefoot Studios. Kool Keith and DMC tracked vocals at New York studios to complete the “East meets West” vibe for Unity. The song was then mixed by Dave Trumfio at King Size Sound Labs and mastered by Dave Gardener at Infrasonic in Los Angeles. “Unity” is the first collaboration between Smash Mouth and Oglio Records.



URI spotify:album:3m7bqJ0O3PxJHMAvKzumkB


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Smash Mouth
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Kool Keith
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Oglio Records
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