Smartphone Application For Women Safety Launched

The National Council of Women of Canada and the Mindr Mobile Inc., a Waterloo based mobile developing firm has collaborated with each other to endorse a Smartphone application for personal safety of women.

The National Council of Women of Canada (NCWC) and a Waterloo based mobile application developing company; Mindr Mobile Inc. has joined hands to promote the Smartphone application for Android devices, called the Personal monitor, so that it can keep a watch on users and can act as an automatic alarm during the time of emergency. Specifically designed for the safety of women, the application established connection with one of the user's bosom buddy or a family member when a crisis is likely to hit. It prompts the users to check in at regular interval and sends notifications and messages to the pre-determined contacts via SMS or phone call, if the user fails to respond to its repeated warnings.

Available on a monthly subscription of 2.99 dollars in Google Play, the application is aimed to develop the safety and security of women, said Denise Mattock, the president of NCWC. She added that it would act as one of the best and additional security devices for widows and aged women, who live on their own.

The CEO of Mindr Mobile Inc, Bob Young said in a statement that in certain situations like, when people can't find any assistance during an emergency and are so helpless that they can't even reach for their mobile phones to make a call to their near and dear ones, then the Personal Monitor application is the only solution, as it keeps a check on its users like a periodical watch dog and informs them about its possible outcome. Bob also informed that the connection established by the application with near and dear ones with message during crisis will include: GPS location, a current image of the sender, information about the activity the sender was occupied with when the alert was sent, and other text written by the sender.

The NCWC President, Denise Mattock said that the collaboration between both the organizations, National Council of Women of Canada and Mindr Mobile will be a good opportunity to raise fund for NCWC, as one-sixth of the revenue earned after selling the application will go to the council.


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