Smart Indoor Gardening System Coming to Kickstarter

Bloomengine introduces a completely new way to grow plants indoors on Kickstarter launching on Sept. 18

Equipped with an automatic watering system, LED lights and smartphone application, Bloomengine is an indoor gardening system that is extremely user-friendly. With Bloomengine’s innovative technology, plants can be monitored, watered and cared for any time, anywhere. Bloomengine is perfect for the plant-lover looking to experience a seed sprout, bud and bloom in the convenience of their home.

Bloomengine fully mimics the natural environment where plants thrive by catering to every plant’s vital resources - sunlight, water, soil and wind. The adjustable LED provides suitable light wavelength and strength like sunlight for plant growth and creates elegant interior atmosphere with its warm color. Bloomengine supports rich soil with a sound structure and microbial ecology that helps plants grow healthily. Also, if added, Bloomengine’s time-lapse camera can help users monitor plants in real time and feel the difference every day.

Pre-order of Bloomengine in two versions with and without the time-lapse camera will be available on its Kickstarter campaign for a limited time after its launch. Individuals can now sign up to receive exclusive updates on Any influencers or journalists interested in receiving a unit and reviewing Bloomengine are encouraged to send in a contact inquiry through the website.

About Bloomengine Inc.

Bloomengine Inc. is a California-based startup that aims to prevent further global plant extinction by improving the environment of indoor cultivation for plants using modern technology. The products are designed and developed in Newport Beach, California, and are manufactured in Seoul, Korea.

Source: Bloomengine Inc.

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