Smart CPAP Technology Goes to the Cloud

Patients Finally Adhering to Therapy

Improved Adherence to CPAP Machines

With an aging population and rising rates of obesity and diabetes, CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines have been experiencing a heyday for several years now. 

The machines have always proven effective—but you have to use them. Historical patient adherence rates were dismal, below 50%.

The global market for CPAP was valued at $3.34 billion in 2019. The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% to reach approximately $4.52 billion by 2024, CPAP Devices: Global Markets.

Companies like ResMed have been constantly improving the design of CPAP machines (smaller, quieter, more comfortable) but it turns out making CPAPs “smart” has been the sea-change needed, as adherence rates are now approximately 87%.

The new machines monitor sleep cycles all night, over weeks and years, and that data is not only served back to the patient via mobile devices and wearable tech, it is shared with clinicians to track progress and/or adjust therapy as needed. They identify patients’ good and bad times of the night, they warn when the device is not fitted properly, and when it needs to be cleaned. Patients, in their own app on their phone, see an analysis of their sleep, and get a score every night. It turns out this active role in their care keeps them coming back, night after night.

Some statistics from ResMed:

  • ResMed was the first company to cloud-connect all of its new devices starting in 2014, with cellular connectivity out of the box in all devices.
  • Data is securely sent to their platform (with patient consent) called AirView, granting access to clinicians and sleep specialists. On the Airview platform, doctors access 12 million patient accounts, 6 billion nights of sleep data and a dashboard of all their patients.
  • For patients, there’s also an engagement app called myAir. 2.5 million patients signed up so far, 26 countries. It’s an individual view of the same data a clinician sees, but presented in a friendly dashboard telling the patient how her night went, with a score out of 100.

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