Small Kitchen Appliance and Non-Stick Cookware Manufacturer Release New Opti-Fry® Air Oven for Healthier Cooking!

Westinghouse Small Appliances, a renowned small kitchen appliance and non-stick cookware manufacturer release their new Opti-Fry Air Oven.

Westinghouse Small Appliances, a renowned small kitchen appliance and non-stick cookware manufacturer release their new Opti-Fry Air Oven. The Westinghouse brand is well established having been around for over a century bringing reliable and innovative products to households all over the globe. Maintaining the mindset of their founding father George Westinghouse the company strives to deliver quality products to enrich lives, making them better and more prosperous. The new Opti-Fry Air Oven certainly fits this sentiment, perfect for people looking for a more health conscious and simple method of cooking since it uses little to no oil and is a breeze to operate. Packed with useful features such as an easy-clean basket, timer, variable temperature control, drip tray and cool-touch exterior cooking your favourite meals will never be a chore again. Grill, toast, bake and roast a variety of foods with ease.

With a capacity of 3.2L, the Opti-Fry Air Oven is both portable and convenient. A powerful 1500W motor ensures the rapid air circulation system delivers an even cooking temperature throughout the oven. The temperature can be adjusted using the variable control from between 80-200° Celsius. There is also a handy timer ranging from 0-30 minutes so you can set and forget.

The Opti-Fry Air Oven is very versatile giving even the best non-stick fry pan a run for its money. It can be used to cook beef, chicken, fish, lamb, pork, vegetables and other assortments of foods. Favourite’s like crispy chicken wings and legs and golden chips are just some of the Opti-Fry’s specialties. Great recipes for the Opti-Fry Air Oven can be found at such as the Stuffed Airfried Pumpkin and the Savory Meat Roll. Both recipes are delicious, easy to prepare and perfect for the busy household. Best of all, the ingredients needed to make these healthy dishes can be readily found right at home or can be bought at a local store.

Westinghouse Small Appliances Managing Director, Philip Peclaris, believes the introduction of the air oven has revolutionized modern cooking techniques and is very excited about what lay ahead with the current advancements in technology being made in the sector.

“Air fryers are truly one of the most versatile appliances you could have in the kitchen…they’re even perfect for the quick and easy Australian meat pie!

We are very excited to be entering one of the fastest growing categories in the market.

Healthy cooking is a megatrend and we intend to keep introducing products that create easy solutions for these cooking needs.”

Philip Peclaris, Managing Director, Westinghouse Small Appliances.

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