Sleepbreathe Launches to Provide Better Sleep Quality to Everyone

​​​Today, sleep specialists Snore Circle announced the launch of their latest generation product that promises to improve sleep quality for everyone. Sleepbreathe is a home-use personal sleep monitor with patented algorithms that track sleep data for a better night’s rest. Available now on Kickstarter:

Getting good sleep is an important component of daily health and one that often gets overlooked. In fact, millions of people suffer from common sleep disorders that affect their health and well-being. For anyone who wakes up feeling tired, the Sleepbreathe device can help. It uses advanced technology that works with a smartphone to track key metrics and analyzes sleep data to help users achieve relaxing, restful sleep after only one night.  

“Studies show that 70% of Americans suffer from sleep disorders that directly affect their health. That means that over 50 million people aren’t getting the proper rest. From common maladies such as snoring and sleep apnea to more serious problems, the majority of sufferers remain undiagnosed and untreated. Traditional sleep study diagnosis requires costly, time-consuming doctor visits that are impractical for many. Our device gives people a fast, simple solution that provides comprehensive sleep data and valuable insights that help them sleep more soundly to improve health, wake up refreshed and feel better all day. With Sleepbreathe, people can take real action that improves their lives.” – Johnson Luo, Founder

Sleepbreathe acts as a sleep quality coach that monitors breathing, snoring, sleep cycles and sleep positions, to comprehensively and accurately assess sleep conditions. The lightweight, comfortable smart mask links up to an intuitive smartphone app with advanced algorithms that measure critical sleep data without the need to visit a sleep clinic. Sleep data is compiled into an easy to understand score that provides insight into general physical condition and measures the most important sleep metrics to provide detailed suggestions to improve your sleep quality. It can be done conveniently at home, recording the data immediately to produce statistics graphs and an in-depth analysis report to better understand your health and prevent potential sleep disorders.

With Sleepbreathe, home users can achieve sleep data and insights that previously required expensive equipment and professional analysis. Now with this innovative device, anyone can gain the insights needed to achieve deep, restful sleep, improve their health and wake up feeling better every day.

The Sleepbreathe sleep monitor is available now on Kickstarter with special pricing for early adopters. To learn more visit the campaign here:

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