Sleep Junkie Presents the Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales - Unrivaled Discounts on Top Mattresses and Accessories for Ultimate Sleep

Sleep Junkie is a go-to resource for all things sleep. This year, its team of experts has identified the best mattress deals of 2023 during the best Memorial Day mattress sales.

Sleep Junkie, your ultimate destination for all things sleep, is delighted to reveal the Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales for fellow sleep enthusiasts. As lifetime insomniacs, the company understands the importance of investing in the right mattress and sleep accessories to achieve those much-needed Zzzs. This sale, running from now through June 6th, features incredible discounts on top-rated mattresses and bedding accessories.

Dr. Miho Tanaka, a Stanford-educated orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine injuries, has served as a physician for numerous professional and semi-professional sports teams. Dr. Tanaka highlights the unique features of some of the best mattresses in this year's list.

Amerisleep: "An experimental study has shown that sleep surfaces with different zones of stiffness, like Amerisleep's HIVE®, can provide support and help maintain spinal alignment for many body types."

Zoma: "A randomized trial has shown that cooling the body can improve comfort and sleep quality, particularly for those in a warm environment."

Vaya: "Research has shown that mattresses of medium firmness can reduce back pain by 48% and improve sleep quality by 55%."

During the sale, shoppers can enjoy significant savings on these expert-endorsed mattresses.

Amerisleep offers on mattresses and bedding:

  • $450 off any mattress 
  • 30% off adjustable bed and mattress bundles
  • 40% off upholstered bed frames with mattress purchase
  • 20% off memory foam pillows 
  • 20% off mattress toppers
  • 20% off bamboo sheets

Zoma offers on mattresses and bedding:

  • $150 off any mattress 
  • 20% off sports pillows and body pillows
  • Save up to $870 on adjustable bed and mattress bundles

Vaya offers on mattresses and bedding:

  • $300 off any mattress 
  • 15% off platform beds 

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