Skyway Acquires AAiM High Consulting

Skyway pushes ahead in vertiport planning services by its acquisition of AAiM High Consulting LLC.

Skyway Acquires AAiM High Consulting

Skyway Technologies Corp. announces its acquisition of AAiM High Consulting LLC for an undisclosed amount to capture the ever-growing vertiport planning market. 

AAiM High's core business of providing key research and development vertiport planning methodologies as a consulting service has brought forth various new and innovative ideas, such as the VertiPark (an eVTOL airfield designed exclusively for vehicle maintenance, charging, and storage) and operational simulation modeling of large VertiHubs, with over one hundred hourly operations. By modeling long-term, aggressive growth scenarios, projects can demonstrate their full potential growth capabilities. 

Skyway's acquisition of AAiM High gives the company a strategic position in expanding its operational services for vertiports while offering the most advanced planning services for Urban Air Mobility directly to its customers and communities. The company sees it as another source of revenue by acquiring the consulting firm's clientele along with much-needed industry research by marketing a much broader service to the aviation and construction industry.

"It's important for vertiport projects to understand and demonstrate the intricacies and complexities of a vertical airfield designed for high traffic use. Providing the best service when it comes to vertiport planning efforts will not only boost consumer experience ratings but will also boost industry confidence." - Clifford Cruz, CEO of Skyway

Skyway provides airspace traffic services for unmanned aerial aircraft which include autonomous enterprise drones and eVTOL operations. The company also provides airspace traffic infrastructure operation services for vertiport developments.

Source: Skyway Technologies Corp.

About Skyway Technologies Corp.

Skyway, an Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM) operation center and air traffic navigation Provider of Services for UAM (PSU), provides EVTOL and unmanned aircraft airspace mission planning services as well as vertiport airspace management. Skyway’s vertiport development plan is truly comprehensive. As such, partnering with Teal will provide the most reliable power infrastructure possible for Urban Air Mobility. Designed for eVTOL/VSTOL aircraft using IFR and AFR technology, Skyway brings the next evolution in automated traffic services to airline operators.

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