SkyWatch Announces Data Distribution Partnership With Urban Sky

Partnership Expands Urban Sky's Access to Direct Customers and Commercial Earth Observation Marketplaces

Courtesy of Urban Sky

SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. ("SkyWatch"), a leader in the remote sensing data technology industry, announced today its partnership with Urban Sky, a leading provider of broad area, high-resolution aerial imagery. This partnership will accelerate Urban Sky's commercial data distribution strategy via SkyWatch's data management and distribution platform, TerraStream, and will make Urban Sky's very high-resolution stratospheric imagery available to SkyWatch EarthCache customers later this year.

"SkyWatch's vision is to enable new solutions that harness the power of sensors to better our world," says James Slifierz, Co-Founder and CEO at SkyWatch. "This partnership allows Urban Sky to expand the global high-resolution aerial data market and enables the market to leverage diverse datasets, outside of satellite imagery, to achieve their objectives. We're looking forward to bringing Urban Sky's best-in-class, very high-resolution stratospheric imagery to the EarthCache customer base."

SkyWatch is on a mission to democratize remote-sensing data through a simple user experience. Hundreds of trillions of pixels of Earth observation data are captured every day, and the SkyWatch platform is changing the way this data is managed, distributed and accessed through its flagship products, TerraStream and EarthCache. TerraStream offers remote sensing data providers like Urban Sky an end-to-end solution to distribute their data products directly to customers or through Earth observation data marketplaces. 

"Urban Sky is commercializing a truly novel data set - very high resolution (~10cm GSD), ultra-low-cost aerial imagery captured via stratospheric balloons, which will bring a sea change in access to more, better, and lower cost data. TerraStream provides us with a robust data management and distribution platform, with the flexibility to support multiple go-to-market strategies, such as direct sales and marketplace integrations," said Andrew Antonio, Co-Founder and CEO of Urban Sky.

Urban Sky's partnership with SkyWatch opens up new markets for high-resolution aerial data, and the company is initially leveraging the TerraStream platform to deliver stratospheric data directly to one of the world's largest oil and gas organizations. In the future, Urban Sky plans to further accelerate its path to revenue growth by connecting to commercial Earth observation data marketplaces, including EarthCache, SkyWatch's remote sensing data aggregation platform. 

Urban Sky's stratospheric MicroballoonTM  offers broad area, high-resolution aerial imagery and provides low-cost, rapid remote sensing for urban monitoring applications, state and local governments, disaster response, agriculture, and monitoring of remote areas and distributed assets. 

Urban Sky's high-resolution aerial imagery is now available via Urban Sky at

About SkyWatch
SkyWatch, a space data technology company, is changing the way Earth observation and remote sensing data is managed, distributed and accessed through its data aggregation platform, EarthCache, and its data management and distribution platform, TerraStream. SkyWatch partners with multiple operators and data providers to streamline operations and supply data to geospatial experts and leading organizations looking to bring the power of EO data to their workflows. 

About Urban Sky
Urban Sky, a stratospheric technology and remote sensing company, is developing the innovative new stratospheric Microballoon™, a high-altitude remote sensing platform that is leveraging component miniaturization, first-of-its-kind balloon reusability and the high vantage point of the stratosphere to drastically reduce the cost of high-resolution remote sensing data over very broad areas, leading to more and better Earth Observation data than ever before.

Source: SkyWatch