SKYCHARGER and Charged at Home Sponsor MassTuning's EV Track Day

Canaan Motor Club installs three JuiceBox chargers and graciously hosts EV racing enthusiasts

SKYCHARGER announced their intent to sponsor MassTuning's EV Track Day event, along with Charged at Home. The event draws EV racing fans from throughout the Northeast as they welcome drivers of all skill levels.

Charged at Home, along with Enel X, donated three JuiceBox chargers to the Canaan Motor Club, which will support this event and future events. "In addition to providing consumers turn-key installs and rebate support, we feel it is our responsibility to support EV drivers," stated Dave Fink, CEO and Founder of Charged at Home. "It is what builds a great community."

Track-focused EV vehicles are becoming a hot topic in the racing world. "We are focused on building EV cars specifically for track days," said Josh Chaitin-Pollak, CEO & Founder of ArcMotive, Inc., "And we plan on testing our Electric Factory Five 818 conversion kit at Canaan Motor Club this fall." In fact, his passion for track-focused EVs and the need for charging stations sparked the sponsorship for this event.

Jeff Zissulis, CEO of SKYCHARGER, long-time racing enthusiast and organizer behind the cooperation between all organizations, said, "We believe this to be the first of many EV events that SKYCHARGER will sponsor at racetracks across the nation. Litigating complaints for noise is one of the largest expenses for racetracks. So I can see racetracks enthusiastically looking towards this new, quieter platform to allow their sport to succeed in the future."

The MassTuning event will be on Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. It will run as a trackcross in one direction for approximately three hours, then reverse directions for a completely new course feel. You can register online at "MassTuning started over 10 years ago with meets, car shows, cruises, and charity fundraising," Armin Mejia, MassTuning Founder, reminisced, "And now we host the most track days in New England. We are excited to be part of this evolution in the automotive community."

SKYCHARGER chose Canaan Motor Club because it is a challenging road course designed to provide a safe environment for all. "We believe in supporting new products, new ideas, and new platforms," David delGenio, General Manager of Canaan Motor Club affirmed, "With the installation of the three EV charging stations, we can support the latest models and test vehicles. The performance of these vehicles is something to be witnessed, and our neighbors will applaud the silence."

Helmet rentals are available, and instructors are on-site during the event to support drivers.


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