Mission-Centric SKYCHARGER Brings EV Charging Stations to Upstate New York

SKYCHARGER's low-cost EV charging solution offered by Renua Energy prepares customers for future demand

Kingsbury National Golf Club

It is expected that each year the number of EVs on U.S. roads will increase. Sources have articulated numbers that increase 2% each year, and ultimately approximately 30% of all vehicles on the road by 2030 will be electric. This year SKYCHARGER teamed with Renua Energy in the foothills of Upstate New York to prepare for the surge in demand for EV charging. With that in mind, Deric Buck, Owner of Kingsbury National and Bay Meadows Golf Clubs, took the first step and met with Dave Byrne of Renua Energy to learn more about how he could offer the amenity at both of his establishments.

"It is important to us to provide our patrons with quality courses, stellar facilities, along with modern services," said Buck. "When reviewing the viability of the project, we were concerned with the large capital expenditure and the high cost of ongoing maintenance. Once Renua Energy explained how their model bears no risk and generates revenue, we knew this was the right choice for us!"

Between the Bay Meadows Golf Club located in Queensbury, NY, and the Kingsbury National Golf Club located in Kingsbury, NY, they installed five stations totaling 10 EV charging parking spots. EV owners can stop in for a round of golf or a quick bite and charge their vehicle simultaneously.

When asked why SKYCHARGER, Byrne replied, "We realized early on that SKYCHARGER's model was different, which is why we strategically chose to partner with them. When a customer realizes that for almost no cost they can offer EV charging to their patrons (or future patrons), you almost instantly get buy-in and an interest in participating."

"And we couldn't be happier with Renua Energy's work," stated Jeff Zissulis, CEO of SKYCHARGER, "Their team is conscientious, timely, and their installations are stellar. It is true, our sales model is different. And in addition to that, our installers are exceptional."

About Renua Energy

Renua Energy was established in 2013 to bring customized commercial & utility solar engineering, permitting, and project development solutions to the marketplace. We are unique simply because our services are comprehensive. Renua Energy's fundamental offerings include survey, civil (SWPPP, erosion & sediment control, survey), environmental (wetlands delineation & endangered species), and electrical/interconnection solutions. In 2020, we recognized a surge in demand for electric vehicles and enhanced our portfolio to include EV charging station installations. It is part of our vision to lead the local infrastructure and empower business owners with increased revenue and cash flow.

Renua Energy is proud to be a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB, certified by New York State and the Federal government).


Established in 2013, SKYCHARGER has emerged as a leader in the EV charging space. It is our mission to create environmentally conscious communities where accessibility to EV charging is not a luxury. Offering Level 2 and DC fast charging, vehicle-to-grid charging, fleet electrification, solar canopies including EV charging, and low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) solutions, we are poised to continue to lead the sustainable energy revolution. With the backing of Skyview Ventures, we simplify the rebate and permitting process and remove the financial burden from our partners and the host sites. SKYCHARGER delivers a new consumer demographic to businesses while protecting the environment and minimizing the carbon footprint. SKYCHARGER was named Company of the Year in 2021 by AutoTech Magazine. www.SKYCHARGER.com

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