SkuVault Launches Integration With Walmart Canada Marketplace

Louisville-based Inventory Management Software SkuVault is excited to announce a new integration with Walmart Canada. Walmart Canada's flagship online store,, is part of the brand’s plan to globally expand its online marketplace. 

SkuVault will integrate with Walmart Canada in a similar way as it currently integrates with the Walmart US marketplace integration. SkuVault users can conduct a full inventory sync from Walmart into SkuVault every 5-10 minutes or every 12 hours, pull orders from Walmart into SkuVault, and conduct a product sync from Walmart into SkuVault with absolute ease. 

“We’re happy to announce this integration with Walmart Canada in an effort to expand our global reach and the global sales potential of our customers,” said Andy Eastes, President and CEO of SkuVault.

SkuVault Inventory Management Platform helps businesses manage their inventory across multiple sales channels with streamlined and automated inventory features. SkuVault provides powerful quantity syncing features and real-time reporting that help businesses be more nimble with their inventory management.  

About SkuVault​​

SkuVault, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, provides a cloud-based inventory and warehouse management system designed for businesses looking to scale with a competitive eCommerce and omni-channel distribution solution. Delivered via a Software-as-a-Service model, SkuVault’s product is directly integrated with channel management systems, eCommerce store platforms, shipping software and many other operational technology platforms, creating a more seamless experience for its customers and allowing for a more streamlined product fulfillment. For additional information, visit

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SkuVault inventory and warehouse management system is a cloud-based software designed for small-medium and enterprise companies looking to scale and compete in the eCommerce and omni-channel markets.

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