SkuVault Inventory Management Software Announces New Case Packs Feature

SkuVault, an e-commerce-focused industry leader in inventory management software, announced today that it has launched a new feature called Case Packs. Case Packs is the first of many new features in the pipeline for SkuVault. 

Case Packs are wholesale goods that haven’t been broken down. Merchants with Case Packs want to know how much quantity of a product they have, including the quantities inside case packs. With the SkuVault Case Packs feature, users can store case packs in their SkuVault account, and the quantities inside the Case Packs will be distributed to the inner product quantities. 

“We’re thrilled to bring this feature to our clients in need of a deeper Case Pack functionality,” said Andy Eastes, President and CEO of SkuVault. “SkuVault users can track, sell, pick and store Case Packs with complete inventory visibility and pack and unpack cases as needed.” 

Founded in 2012 by an e-commerce entrepreneur, SkuVault has over 5,000 users across the globe servicing independent e-commerce retailers, omnichannel enterprises, manufacturers, wholesalers and more. For additional information, visit

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