SkuVault Announces Integration With Square POS to Help Retailers Sell Anywhere

SkuVault, an eCommerce-focused industry leader in inventory management software, announced today that it has launched an integration with Square Point of Sale system. Square POS is a popular choice amongst retailers of any size for their payment, software, and hardware systems in one intuitive free app. 

SkuVault will integrate with Square POS on full and regular inventory syncs, order syncs, and warehouse mapping to help retailers keep accurate inventory quantities on hand and on time. With this powerful integration, SkuVault users now have the ability to utilize Square no matter where their business is located, and at any stage of their journey. 

“SkuVault and Square users can now connect their brick-and-mortar stores and online stores into one seamless operation,” said Andy Eastes, President and CEO of SkuVault. “Square is a pivotal integration in our efforts to expand our POS offerings and help retailers grow their businesses.”

Founded in 2012 by an eCommerce entrepreneur, SkuVault has provided small to medium companies inventory management software solutions designed to help them scale and compete in the eCommerce multi-channel markets. Merchants using SkuVault experience quantity syncs across multiple marketplace channels and warehouses. This process allows the critical accuracy and complete visibility online merchants need for their best operations. 

About SkuVault​​

SkuVault, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, provides a cloud-based inventory management system designed for businesses looking to scale with a competitive eCommerce and omni-channel distribution solution. Delivered via a Software-as-a-Service model, SkuVault’s product is directly integrated with channel management systems, eCommerce store platforms, shipping software and many other operational technology platforms, creating a more seamless experience for its customers and allowing for a more streamlined product fulfillment. For additional information, visit

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SkuVault inventory and warehouse management system is a cloud-based software designed for small-medium and enterprise companies looking to scale and compete in the eCommerce and omni-channel markets.

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