Skateboards, Longboards, Electric Boards - What's the Difference? Experts Explain

Electric skateboards, longboards and skateboards all serve different purposes - experts from Twelve Board Store break down the differences between the three.

Twelve Board Store

Longboards, skateboard decks and electric skateboards are bound to be appearing on Christmas lists all over the country in the leadup to the holidays. But to loving parents and well-meaning grandparents, all three may seem like the same thing. Twelve Board Store, Melbourne's leading provider of skateboard decks, accessories and more, explains what differentiates each of the three types of boards and what each board is best suited to.

Skateboards are the classic board that comes to mind when skateboarding is mentioned. They are typically 28-34 inches in length and 7-10 inches wide. At each end, the board curves up slightly and has small wheels, making it easier to do tricks and control the board's speed while riding. The traditional skateboard rose to popularity in the 1950s and is mostly used for skaters who want to learn tricks or often need to carry their board around with them. 

Longboards, on the other hand, are slightly bigger than traditional skateboards. They typically range in size from 35-60 inches long and 9-10 inches wide. This makes them much easier to balance on, meaning they're the perfect board for beginners and amateur skaters. Longboards feature two narrow strips at each end, making them easier to cruise on and they have larger, softer wheels, allowing them to absorb strong shocks and gain greater speed. They're suitable for a range of terrains, whereas skateboards fare better on smooth ground to keep the rider stable.

Electric skateboards feature a removable battery in their deck - some even boast LED headlights and taillights. They can be made from either wood or plastic and are known for being sleek and aerodynamic. These boards eliminate the need for any manual effort on the rider's part and are known to reach greater speeds as a result. They're not typically recommended for beginner skaters as they can be tricky to manoeuvre or stop but provide a fun, exciting alternative to a traditional board or longboard for seasoned skaters.

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Source: Twelve Board Store