"Skateboard Apparatus": Provides an Absorbing and 'Shocking' Addition to Traditional Boards

​The Skateboard Apparatus is a modification to skateboard design to enhance the units with exciting new features from rims and reflectors to shock absorbers and hydraulics—all resulting in a better board that operates to maximum potential. It even sports an appearance akin to a tricked-out automobile. The design intent is to offer skateboard enthusiasts an instrument that is visually appealing while also opening a whole new world of skating possibilities.
The Skateboard Apparatus consists of a support frame with synthetic fiber.  The frame is comprised of a layered top surface which is a gel material that serves as a cushion and shock absorber. A transparent layer is attached to the surface of the gel with the products logo centrally embossed on the top. This layer keeps the designer logo from fading. The support frame is mounted on an axle that supports wheel members enhanced with sharp, attractive rims. A hydraulic system is incorporated into the wheels and axle to provide easy buoyancy as well as further shock support There are numerous other features available as well. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Skateboard Apparatus. 
The Skateboard Apparatus has a design patent and is currently is waiting on a utility patent. It was invented by Theophilus Kweku Ansah of Bronx, NY who said, “The Skateboard Apparatus provides a great and fun new tool for skateboarders.  It enhances the board with a plethora of exciting, never-been-seen-before features offering a skateboard markedly different from other varieties. It facilitates freedom of movement and range of motion giving the skater to further set himself apart from other skaters. Better yet, it reduces shocks and traction while alleviating pressure. It works!”

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