Sixty nations for the 'debut' of Miss Progress International

All five continents will be widely represented at the first edition of the beauty contest dedicated to social issues created by the Italian cultural association "In Progress"

At a few months from the onset of Miss Progress International, the first competition dedicated to the environment protection, health, cultural integration and human rights, the three founders of the cultural association In Progress, based in San Giorgio Ionico can already provide a range of "numbers" of all respect.
It is up to Giusy Noble, the president of the Apulian group, to declare them: "The meticulous work of research and contacts with event organizers spread all over the planet - she says - has enabled us to reach the remarkable figure of sixty nations and to count on the commitment of so many competitors who will be eager to give their contribution to social causes and humanitarian that characterize our event."
The event, which has already received the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and the Province of Taranto will take place next September in Rome an Apulia and see the pretenders to the title involved in a tour to discover the architectural, cultural and gastronomic beauties of the cities that they will visit with their companions and a large group of national and international journalists.
Luca Luccarelli, vice-president of the association and "operational arm" of the organizing team has already carried out inspections at the locations to be deputies to accommodate the various stages and the Grand Gala of the final of Castellaneta, taking care also to assess the technical aspects to be passed to the TV crews that will attend them.
Among these were already confirmed the presence of productions from the United States, Nigeria and an India that planned to make television specials whose potential audience is nearly one billion viewers.
The capital will be the arrival location of the future Ambassadors of Progress and the seat of important events whose symbolic value will emphasize the goals of the projects that competitors will develop on the "tracks" that have been assigned.
The girls, in fact, were divided into four groups, each of which has as its theme one of the topics which Miss Progress International is dedicated.
In this way any corner of the Earth in need of concrete support will become the object of attention, whatever the origin of the creator who will support its cause.
The projects presented will be spread throughout the world due to their publication (in four languages) on the event's website and carry messages that are intended to improve the human condition and life on our planet.
Rather than the contestants' appearance, to be the subject of the evaluation of the jury will be, therefore, the content and feasibility ofthe submitted projects.

Ultimate goal of the event is the realization of the project winner which should have a cost not exceeding 20,000 euros.

The direction of the competition was entrusted to Giuseppe Borrillo who adds: "The format of Miss Progress has been designed to ensure that sponsors are entitled not only a global visibility but to combine also the real opportunity to help making the world a better place to live, enjoying a new and original instrument to give effect to any social initiatives already being taken or to start a whole new ".
It seems, therefore, already announced the success of the first edition of Miss Progress International since, although only a few days ago has been implemented on the official website a hit counter, are already hundreds the accesses that each day are recorded thanks the work of the National Directors that in all five continents are giving the deserved emphasis to an event whose purpose is valued at all latitudes.