SitWalk - Revolutionary Full-Motion VR Controller Chair Announces Kickstarter Launch

Vaxis, a leading team of VR interactive software and hardware integration experts, just announced the launch of their most advanced immersive VR controller with a foot pedal, for gaming and entertainment. This ergonomic and fully customizable gaming chair is a foot-based VR locomotion system that allows movement in virtual reality to be controlled by the user's feet while comfortably seated. This game-changing VR device is available now. Learn more here:

When it comes to virtual reality, a realistic motion system is the key to an immersive experience. SitWalk is designed for full-range locomotion while simultaneously solving the problem of VR motion sickness. With an interactive foot pedal that frees the hands from controlling body direction, SitWalk allows users to walk in the virtual world while seated comfortably in the real world. SitWalk is a complete VR system that allows vision control with the head, manual interaction with the hands, and foot-based movement with the feet. It provides the most natural movement in Virtual Reality that effectively improves immersion, reduces motion sickness and space limitations, and maximizes the VR experience.

"Virtual Reality is changing the way people interact with games, entertainment and work. As VR technology advances, hardware integration and input technology has lagged behind. Until now, all traditional VR motion technologies have failed to provide an optimal solution that can combine a high level of immersion with convenience and comfort. SitWalk changes that. With a novel approach to foot-based movement, SitWalk is deeply immersive, provides a natural, intuitive method of movement through the virtual world while comfortably seated, and reduces the fatigue and dizziness that many VR games might cause. SitWalk lets you interact with your virtual surroundings in a safe way for a fuller, more enhanced, and thrilling virtual experience." - SitWalk CEO Lei Chen

SitWalk uses a unique foot pedal to control movement through VR. Without standing or physically walking around in the real world, the foot pedal enables users to move freely in the VR world by applying pressure on the pedal in any direction. Walking forward, backwards, side-to-side, or moving through 360 degree turns is natural and effortless. Using a highly advanced algorithm system and high-performance, deep-integrated sensors, movements are 100% synchronized in the VR world with high accuracy and low latency. Compatible with Steam VR games and virtually any VR application, SitWalk takes gaming to a new level of performance, supercharges multimedia, and benefits every method of VR interaction.

With perfect full-motion capabilities, maximum gaming potential, and ultimate comfort, SitWalk revolutionizes the ways in which people can interact and enjoy the virtual world. SitWalk is available now with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here:

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