Site-Centric Focus Propels Florence to Over 7,300 Clinical Researchers on Its eISF Platform

Site-Centric Software for Clinical Trial Document and Data Management

Today, Florence announced over 7,300 clinical researchers now conduct clinical trials through its innovative Electronic Investigator Site File (eISF), Florence eBinders - a growth of more than 200% this year.

“The number of teams worldwide now managing their eISF with Florence is representative of our focus on making the best possible solution for the people conducting the clinical trials,” says Ryan Jones, CEO of Florence. “Keeping the research site at the center ensures our platform easily integrates into everyday workflows the site team needs to get their work done.”

Over the past 10  years, the complexity of clinical trials has increased by more than 252%. This complexity primarily adds pressure to the research site, however, legacy technology designed for the clinical trial sponsor adds little value to the research site.

“The antiquated approach of focusing on the clinical trial sponsor when building technology doesn’t work,” says Blake Adams, Head of Marketing for Florence. “Software solutions, like site-portals, add stress to the research site that now has to juggle a dozen or more pharma platforms. We’ve purposely decided to build capabilities that matter to the team working with the patients and then harness those capabilities to drive integrated data management and information exchange.”

“Every research team is unique,” says Lauren Martin, Director of Customer Experience for Florence, “and making tools that integrate with their existing systems – EMR and CTMS – while also remaining flexible enough to adjust to each site's unique workflows is our priority.”

In addition to research site value, ​Sponsors/CROs are now harnessing the network of connected sites by integrating with Florence eHub to drive down drug development costs and reduce compliance risks. Florence eHub layers on top of Florence eBinders, serving as a single point of access for any Sponsor/CRO to securely access and exchange relevant study documents with sites.

“We’re excited about the future,” says Jones. “We will continue to place the research site at the center of our technology infrastructure while streamlining the overall clinical trial ecosystem by integrating data and document management with Sponsor/CRO directly connecting their eTMFs and EDCs to the largest digitally connected research site infrastructure in the world.”

​About Florence: 
​Florence advances clinical trials through software for managing document and data flow between research sites and sponsors.

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