TruLab Integration to Florence Streamlines Biospecimen Data Management for Clinical Sites

Florence + TruLab

TruLab, a leading provider of sample management solutions, and Florence Healthcare, the leading site enablement platform used by over 18,000 connected research sites in 55+ countries, announce a technology partnership that provides a single solution to capture and store biospecimen and other protocol data into one source.

TruLab’s advanced data capture platform, combined with Florence’s eBinders™ electronic investigator site file (eISF) system, will allow sites using both platforms to seamlessly exchange content between the two, providing sponsors with access to quality, real-time source data, while reducing site burden and streamlining clinical site workflows. 

This integrated solution will enable same-day centralized monitoring by CRAs and sponsors in eBinders through Florence’s SiteLink®.  Instead of waiting days to weeks for data to be manually entered in the EDC, remote monitors can now see biospecimen data as the visit is being conducted.

Importantly, the TruLab Florence eBinders integration addresses one of the biggest problems plaguing the industry today, which is that an estimated 20% of biospecimens are lost or unusable due to a lack of visibility at the clinical site. In addition, sample testing is often placed on hold while queries on discrepant biospecimen data are being investigated and resolved, leading to clinical trial delays. This partnership will provide a single eSource for high-quality biospecimen data, accelerating the clinical trial process for sponsors and alleviating the burden on sites around query resolution.

This integrated platform will:

  • Reduce lab queries by over 90%
  • Eliminate handwriting on paper forms, logbooks, and draw sheets
  • Eliminate manual data entry and transcription errors into web portals
  • Reduce duplicate records that have to be maintained and source data verified
  • Proactively send alerts and notifications when a deviation or anomaly occurs
  • Enable centralized monitoring of protocol deviations, anomalies, and other exceptions such as missed and unscheduled visits, missed shipments, skipped aliquots and more

“Our technology partnership with TruLab expands the access sponsors and CROs have to clinical trial content at the study site through our SiteLink solution, while maintaining our mission to enable every site to do their best work through best-in-class technology and integrations,” said Ryan Jones, CEO of Florence.

"We are thrilled to partner with Florence to provide sponsors with an even more robust and integrated solution for their sample management needs," said Scott Ogle, CEO of TruLab. "By integrating our technology with Florence’s eBinders, we are able to offer a solution that eliminates handwriting and paper at clinical sites, while improving data integrity."

About TruLab
TruLab, Inc. is a sample management software company that provides advanced point-of-collection tracking solutions for the clinical research industry. Their technology is designed to help clinicians, labs and pharmaceutical sponsors manage their clinical samples more effectively, while ensuring consistent compliance with study protocols.

About Florence Healthcare
Florence Healthcare is the leading provider of the Site Enablement Platform, committed to accelerating cures by better connecting sponsors, CROs, and research sites. With over 18,000 connected research sites on its platform in 55 countries, the company streamlines the clinical trial process, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient management of clinical research workflows.

Source: Florence Healthcare