Single Subject Amendment's Bill to Constitutionally Prohibit Use of Riders (Unrelated Provisions) in Congress is Cosponsored by Rep. Mark Meadows

In hopes of improving the way Congress enacts laws, Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC-11), Chairman of the Freedom Caucus, has cosponsored H.J.Res.25 by Congressman Tom Marino (R-PA-10). This bill proposes an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to prohibit the practice of adding riders to bills. Riders are unrelated provisions that cannot pass on their own merits.

“With the adoption of this amendment, appropriation bills can only be used to fund existing programs,” said Congressman Meadows. “No longer can riders, which add new programs, be added to appropriation bills, as new programs must go through the normal legislative process. Congress will be able to conduct its business in a more productive, efficient, transparent, and less acrimonious way with a single subject requirement.”

A single subject amendment will constitutionally prohibit the use of riders and thereby reduce pork-barrel spending, logrolling and the use of earmarks. Bipartisan support for a single subject amendment will serve as a catalyst to unite both parties in Congress and this bill provides a practical solution for breaking the gridlock in Washington.

“Although forty-one state constitutions have a single subject provision, the U.S. Constitution has no similar provision,” said W. S. “Spider” Webb, Jr., Founder and CEO of Single Subject Amendment, the organization behind this effort. “This provision works at the state level and will work at the federal level. New Jersey, in 1844, was the first state to include this provision in its state constitution and judicial opinions across the country since then make it clear what is constitutional and unconstitutional regarding the requirement that legislation must address only one subject.”

“Adoption of this amendment will help Drain the Swamp and bring about better government for all,” said Peter Schweizer, Chairman of the Board of Advisors of Single Subject Amendment and best-selling author of many books on Washington, D.C. politics. “Routinely, important ‘must-pass’ legislation is surreptitiously overloaded by both political parties with completely unrelated provisions, that cannot otherwise pass. Adoption of this amendment will end this practice.”

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Single Subject Amendment is a nonprofit 527 organization and more specifically a super PAC that is registered with the Federal Election Commission. Super PACs officially known as “independent-expenditure only committees” may not make contributions to candidate campaigns or parties, but may engage in unlimited political spending independently of the campaigns. Unlike traditional PACs, they can raise funds from individuals, corporations, unions and other groups, without any legal limit on donation size.

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About Single Subject Amendment

Our mission is to amend the U.S. Constitution to provide that Congress shall pass no bill and no bill shall become law, which embrasses more than one subject, that subject to be clearly expressed in the bill's title.

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