Sinclair Technologies Launches the Radiant Series of Rugged Panel Antennas to Address the LTE Market

Radiant Series of Panel Antennas

Sinclair Technologies (“Sinclair” or “the Company”), a division of Norsat International, and a leading provider of customizable land mobile radio communication solutions, today announced the launch of the RADIANTTM series of panel antennas to address public safety in the LTE market.

The RADIANT series provides the most reliable and rugged panel antennas on the market. These high gain, PIM rated antennas combine high isolation, null fill and multiple port MIMO in order to provide maximum coverage and capacity. With consistent and outstanding electrical performance across the band, and remote electrical tilt control, users can conveniently optimize their networks for peak performance.

Additional features of the RADIANT panel antennas include:

·         Flexible configurations, such as various beamwidth options, PIP and Null Fill

·         Rugged design with a hardened fiberglass radome for optimal protection against the operating environment

·         Industry leading -150 dBc PIM rating for low noise characteristics, ideal for wideband 4G and trunking systems

·         Integrated yet hot-swappable RCU (remote electrical tilt control unit) offers a cost-effective way to optimize network performance without downtime and costly site visits.

 “Sinclair is pleased to introduce additional high-quality product to its line of panel antennas. Sinclair has been working closely with key customers on the development of this antenna series to ensure our products meet the stringent requirements needed for peak performance during emergency or critical communications situations,” stated Wee Er, General Manager of Sinclair.

Sinclair is showcasing these products at the IWCE show in Las Vegas this week at booth #1416, These products are available now for order with first shipments scheduled for March 2019.

More information on the RADIANT series

About Sinclair

Sinclair Technologies, a division of Norsat International, is a leading designer and manufacturer of antenna and RF signal conditioning products, systems, and coverage solutions. Sinclair products are used extensively in public safety and private industry communication networks. With over 60 years of industry-leading expertise in all aspects of antenna and RF signal conditioning design and manufacturing, and a strong focus on R&D, Sinclair continues to expand its industry-leading technical solutions.


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