Silicon Valley Hair Institute, Hair Loss Specialists Serving San Jose to San Francisco and Beyond, Announces New Post on Young People and Hair Loss

Silicon Valley Hair Institute is a highly rated team of hair loss specialists serving San Francisco, San Jose, and the greater Bay Area. The company is announcing a new post addressing common misconceptions about hair loss.

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Silicon Valley Hair Institute is proud to announce a new post to help dispel common beliefs about hair loss. The post deals with common misconceptions that hair loss can't strike young people as well as the misconception that women do not suffer from hair loss. The post reminds San Francisco and San Jose consumers that easy, confidential consultations are available with hair loss specialists in Foster City, which is convenient to both of the Bay Area's largest communities.

"I can't tell you how many young men or women who come to visit me express how shocked they are to be here," explained Miguel Canales, of Silicon Valley Hair Institute. "They had no idea that they'd have to deal with baldness or hair loss so early. After I speak to them a bit, my young patients and women are relieved to know this is a regular occurrence. Hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of, and can literally happen to anyone. This is why we released a new post to explain common misconceptions about hair loss."

Interested persons can review the new blog post for Silicon Valley Hair Institute at The post explains the origins of hair transplant surgery and common misconceptions about hair loss that can still exist today. Men and women, from San Jose to San Francisco, can discover the personal reasons for thinning hair on the SVHI website. Locals can reach out to a team of hair loss specialists for a personal no-obligation consultation that is confidential in nature.

Indeed, women struggling with female hair loss can review the customized informational page on women's hair loss protocol at   


Here is the background for this release. Long-time beliefs about aging are challenged daily in Silicon Valley. Seventy-year-olds can hike for miles in the Claremont Canyon. Middle-aged residents could open a new business or start a new career. The common misconceptions about hair loss could still stick in people's minds. A belief that baldness begins at middle-age might be typical.  The truth can be very different. Both men and women as young as 21 can start to see the signs of thinning hair.

From San Jose to San Francisco, young people can experience thinning hair. Speaking to a team of hair loss specialists might be the first step to solving the problem. A personal evaluation from a professional hair transplant surgeon could help point to the cause. Women can struggle with alopecia. A man could find out a stressful lifestyle is the answer.

In San Francisco, thinning hair can affect both women and men at any time. A top hair loss specialist near San Jose can help find answers for patients old and young, female or male. For these reasons, Silicon Valley Hair Institute announces a new blog post about hair loss at all ages. 


Silicon Valley Hair Institute (, under the leadership of top-rated California hair transplant surgeon Miguel Canales MD, is one of the best facilities offering San Francisco Bay Area hair transplants. Dr. Canales provides the full range of advanced hair transplant and hair restoration procedures for Bay Area residents, from San Francisco to San Mateo to Palo Alto. If one needs a hair transplant specialist, look no further than this Bay Area hair transplant center. Dr. Canales also performs female hair transplants for women and eyebrow restoration, thus offering the best hair transplant and robotic hair replacement options. Robotics include state-of-the-art ARTAS hair transplant technology. Call today to 650-551-1100 for a no-cost consultation, or for more information visit the website.

Source: Silicon Valley Hair Institute


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