Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Success of Evergreen Post on Cost of a Hair Transplant in the Bay Area

Silicon Valley Hair Institute is proud to announce the continued success of an evergreen post on the topic of the cost of a hair transplant in the Bay Area. The post helps clients learn that the best way to learn the cost is to have a consultation with Dr. Miguel Canales.

Cost of a hair transplant Bay Area

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a top-rated hair transplant clinic for the Bay Area, is proud to announce the continued success into 2020 of an evergreen post on the cost of a hair transplant in the Bay Area. The post explains that more than a simple "retail" cost; each client needs to reach out to a professional hair loss specialist to learn his or her options and, thus, get a customized individual estimate on the cost of a hair transplant. 

"While there are simplistic posts on the Internet about the cost of a hair transplant, our post takes a different tack," explained Miguel Canales, of Silicon Valley Hair Institute. "When combined with our new online hair loss consultations, the technology makes it fast and easy to address one's hair loss issues, whether male or female."

Interested persons can review the evergreen post at The reason it is called "evergreen," is that the post, while written in 2018, continually ranks at the top of search engines and answers the common questions posed by persons who are suffering from hair loss and want to know the cost of their options. The posts advocate not getting lost in the details, but reaching out to a few qualified hair loss specialists for free, no-obligation consultations.

For example, persons who suffer from hair loss can reach out to Dr. Miguel Canales via; that web page offers "virtual" consultations over the Internet to Bay Area consumers, from San Francisco to San Mateo to San Jose. Those with cosmetic dermatology issues can also visit the company's sister website at


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Source: Silicon Valley Hair Institute