Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces New Post on Robotic Hair Transplant in the Bay Area and Hybrid Surgery

The Silicon Valley Hair Institute is a clinic with a highly-trained team of robotic hair transplant professionals in the Bay Area. The company is announcing a post about robotics and how the right combination of surgical know-how and precision can lead to a lifetime of thicker hair.

Bay Area Robotic Hair Transplantation

​Silicon Valley Hair Institute, hair transplant professionals serving the Bay Area with hair loss clinics in both Palo Alto and Foster City at, is proud to announce a new post about the development of bionic agility and human intelligence in the treatment of hair loss in both men and women. The rise of robotic hair transplant surgery can combine the best of both. The popular FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method combines robotic technology with the skill of a trained human hair loss surgeon to produce superior results for both men and women.

"If anyone saw the 'Six Million Dollar Man' TV show, they remember a time when a man with super-skills using robotics used to be a fantasy. Today, hybrid surgery using robotics and medical knowledge can truly change the life of patients for the better when it comes to hair loss," explained Miguel Canales, surgeon, and founder of Silicon Valley Hair Institute. "I may not have robotics planted into my body, but using the ARTAS robotic device during surgery on someone's scalp makes me feel like I've gained enhanced abilities."

Bay Area locals from San Jose to San Francisco and surrounding cities can review the informative blog post at Robotic hair transplant surgery combines the skills of a highly-trained surgeon and precision technology. This teamwork can result in better outcomes for patients suffering from hair loss. Interested persons searching to find a cure for baldness can start by contacting a top hair transplant clinic for a quote. To learn more about robotics and hair restoration solutions, please visit the ARTAS landing page at 


Here is the background on this release. In previous decades, robotics and medicine were a combination found in fictional stories. TV shows such as Star Trek and The Bionic Woman showed how fusing humans and technology could improve the quality of life. Modern medicine brings these ideas to real-world patient care. Surgical robots can improve life-saving procedures such as repairing hearts or destroying brain tumors. Patients seeking so-called cosmetic surgery procedures, including robotic hair transplants, can also benefit.

A surgeon's skillful hands might not compare to the precise movements of a modern surgical device. Manually pulling and re-implanting hair follicles can equal a higher margin of error. Results can include uneven hairlines and post-surgical hair loss. Quality medical training combined with the exact movements of the ARTAS robotic hair transplant technology could lead to better long-term results.

Robotic hair transplant procedures in the Bay Area can unify the professional know-how of a doctor and the accuracy of technology. The mix of robotics and manpower can equal better outcomes for hair transplantation. For these reasons, Silicon Valley Hair Institute is proud to point readers to its latest blog post about the reality of medical science and hair loss solutions for the Bay Area community.


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Source: Silicon Valley Hair Institute