Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces New Beverly Hills Hair Transplant Options, Showcasing ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Technology to SoCal

Silicon Valley Hair Institute is considered one of the best hair transplant clinics in Northern California. The company is announcing that Dr. Miguel Canales is taking appointments for Beverly Hills hair transplantation services.

Beverly Hills hair transplant

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, considered one of the best hair transplant clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area, is proud to announce expansion plans into Southern California, especially Beverly Hills. Many patients look for sophisticated ARTAS robotic hair transplantation technology in the Beverly Hills area and will be pleased to learn that Dr. Miguel Canales, a leader in the use of the technology, is now taking consultation appointments for Beverly Hills.

“While Northern California is often seen as the center of technology, Southern California, and especially Beverly Hills, can be seen as the center of style,” explained Miguel Canales, surgeon and founder of Silicon Valley Hair Institute. “We know many patients are desperately seeking advanced hair transplantation services in Beverly Hills, and we're excited to bring this option to them down South.”

While Northern California is often seen as the center of technology, Southern California, and especially Beverly Hills, can be seen as the center of style.

Lee McDonald, Marketing Specialist

To learn more about the Beverly Hills hair transplant services, visit There one can learn more about Dr. Canales, about the various hair restoration options, and even a little history of Beverly Hills as well as an overview to how hair transplantation works. Those who live, work, or are nearby to Beverly Hills, can visit the consultation page at They need to be sure to indicate to the staff that they are interested in an appointment in Beverly Hills, as space and time are both limited.


Here is background to this release. California is often seen as a state with two very different personalities. Northern California is often perceived as the center of technology, with the corporate headquarters of Apple, Google, and Facebook. Residents of cities as diverse as San Francisco or San Jose are seen as more interested in the latest technology than in the latest fashion. This contrasts sharply with Southern California, which is not seen as a center of technology but as a center of entertainment and style. That said, ARTAS robotic hair transplantation technology can be seen as a blend of both. On the one hand, this is an advanced technological system, and on the other hand, it is deployed for cosmetic ends, namely hair restoration.

Dr. Miguel Canales is excited to bring this hybrid of technology and style to Beverly Hills. In this way, residents of the prosperous Los Angeles suburb can avail themselves of the latest technology in the service of personal style under the leadership of one of the most skilled hair restoration specialists in California and indeed the nation. Availabilities are limited and those with interest are urged to immediately visit the website and book an appointment in Beverly Hills.


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Source: Silicon Valley Hair Institute