Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Funny but Serious Post on Robotic Hair Transplant Options in the Bay Area

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, a team of hair restoration professionals in the Bay Area, announces a new post on robotic hair surgery. The post combines humor and detailed information to help sufferers of hair loss to explore robotic hair transplant options.

Bay Area Robotic Hair Transplant

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, the Leading Robotic Hair Transplant Clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area, is proud to announce a new blog post that combines humor and detailed information to help those who suffer from hair loss to explore their transplantation options. As the post explains, the so-called "age of robots" can bring about humorous moments on social media. Funny videos may be entertaining, yet the value robotics brings to medicine is undeniable. Both men and women in the Bay Area can benefit from robotic hair transplant surgery and should explore their hair loss treatment options.

"Every year, a new type of robotics enters our lives, especially in the medical field. It's no wonder people find ways to poke fun on social media about the current age of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics," explained Miguel Canales, founder of Silicon Valley Hair Institute and a leading San Francisco Bay Area hair loss specialist. "We can enjoy a good laugh, yet still respect our ARTAS robotic hair transplant system. It's an incredible piece of machinery that can give our patients wonderful results."

The new informational and entertaining post from Silicon Valley Hair Institute is available at To learn more about the ARTAS hair restoration page, go to Interested persons can also review the company's Yelp page at Regardless of the online information accessed, anyone who suffers from hair loss is urged to reach out to the Institute for a no-obligation consultation on hair transplant options. No two individuals, neither man nor woman, are the same when it comes to the configuration of their hair and their hair loss.


Here is the background to this release. Bay Area residents accept the new age with a sense of humor. A community flooded with high-tech innovation posts fun-loving photos robots on social media. Entertaining videos such as babies riding Roombas and curious cats inspecting toy robots can be popular. Making fun of robotic devices could be an enjoyable pastime. New technology can also make a positive impact in the medical field. Robots in operating rooms can help upgrade the life of men and women struggling with hair loss, for example. Nonetheless, an automated device does not replace a highly skilled hair surgeon. Indeed, it could boost performance with precise robotic movements vis-a-vis hair follicles. The result for both women and men suffering from hair loss could include a natural-looking, thicker hairline.

In past decades, hair restoration surgery took the manual work of human hands pulling and replacing individual hair follicles. Recent advances allow robots to enter the operating room and work alongside human surgeons. A by-product of the ARTAS robotic system can be happier patients. For these reasons, Silicon Valley Hair Institute announces a new light-hearted, informative post about robotic hair transplants in the Bay Area. 


Silicon Valley Hair Institute (, under the leadership of top-rated California hair transplant surgeon Miguel Canales MD, is one of the best facilities offering San Francisco Bay Area hair transplants. Dr. Canales provides the full range of advanced hair transplant and hair restoration procedures for Bay Area residents, from San Francisco to San Mateo to Palo Alto. If one needs a FUE hair transplant specialist, look no further than this Bay Area hair transplant center. Dr. Canales also performs female hair transplants for women and eyebrow restoration, thus offering the best hair transplant and robotic hair replacement options. Persons interested in the cost of robotic hair transplantation can call today to 650-551-1100 for a no-cost consultation.

Source: Silicon Valley Hair Institute


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