Signals United Sets High Benchmarks for Holiday Performance

Signals United's director of operations outlined the importance of setting clear expectations and lofty goals during the busy holiday season. He also discussed some seasonal marketing trends.

​Company leaders at Signals United emphasize setting ambitious goals throughout the year. With the holiday season fast approaching, this commitment to reaching lofty heights takes on even more importance. “We want to make sure we close out 2015 on the strongest note possible,” stated Stanley, the firm’s director of operations. “Not only do we want to launch into 2016 with positive momentum, but we want the brands we promote to rack up some big holiday wins.”

Stanley and the Signals United executive team know any company that doesn’t stress goal setting will fall behind the competition. “It’s never good enough to sit back and coast on past success,” the director said. “Our people instinctively know that maintaining the status quo is a recipe for disaster, and their sights are always set on a brighter future.”

"It's never good enough to sit back and coast on past success,"

Stanley, Director of Operations

The firm’s associates know what needs to be accomplished during the holiday rush thanks to company leaders’ efforts. Stanley said, “The last thing we want is for important duties to slip through the cracks because things are so hectic. That’s why the leaders at Signals United clarify expectations on a consistent basis. We put our team members in position to succeed by giving them clear direction and deadlines. In addition, we are careful to work around their vacation schedules and family responsibilities.”

Signals United Embraces Holiday Marketing Trends

 Consumers love to promote things that resonate with them, and that includes memorable advertising. Stanley and the firm’s leaders understand this, which is why they create campaigns that are easy to share. “Whether it’s through social media or traditional channels, we want to give customers experiences that they can’t wait to talk about,” the director added. “Word-of-mouth advertising is a significant factor in holiday buying decisions, so we want the brands we represent to benefit from it.”

The leaders at Signals United also organize a range of giveback events during the holidays. Stanley explained, “People want to make a difference, plus they want to know that the companies they support do as well. When the holiday season rolls around, it becomes more important to help those in need. We want consumers to know that we care enough to contribute our time and energy to worthy causes. Plus, our team members appreciate the opportunity to give back too.”

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