Signals United Celebrates Team Member Promotion

Congratulations are in order for Signals United's team member Vinh N. Vinh was recently promoted to manager at this leading interactive marketing firm. He will be responsible for his team as well as campaigns for a large brand.

“It is always a pleasure to announce that one of our team members is moving forward to a leadership role,” said Stanley, Signals United’s Director of Operations. “This is a reflection of Vinh’s commitment to hard work and upholding our firm’s values.”

As Stanley noted, Vinh’s promotion will include team management. Vinh will also be spearheading campaigns of Assurance Wireless, which is among the largest brands that Signals United represents.

"We work with them every step of the way so they're fully knowledgeable on our processes,"

Stanley , Director of Operations

“I’m confident that Vinh is up to this new challenge,” Stanley reiterated. “His skills – particularly his ability to set and attain goals – are impressive. We’ve watched Vinh grow from a new associate to a team lead. This is a natural progression for an individual of Vinh’s capabilities.”

As Stanley shared, the firm’s management training program affords ambitious individuals like Vinh the opportunity to gain confidence in their leadership abilities. “Our training is unsurpassed,” he said. “We’re able to provide numerous associates with growth opportunities. Professional development is a key part of our sales and marketing efforts.”

Regarding his appointment, Vinh stated, “I am honored to be given this opportunity. I look forward to applying the skills I have developed to my new role. Together, along with other team members, we will be able to expand this brand and achieve goals through the hard work for which this firm’s team is known.”

Signals United Managers Announce Hiring Opportunities

With Vinh’s promotion, the Signals United team is poised for another expansion. “We will be recruiting sales and marketing professionals to join our team,” Stanley stated.

The attributes that candidates should possess include positive attitudes, growth-oriented mind-sets, and team mentalities. “We’re looking for driven professionals who aspire to learn and grow with us,” Stanley explained.

Excessive experience is not necessary, because, as Stanley stressed, the firm provides rigorous training to new associates. “We work with them every step of the way so they’re fully knowledgeable on our processes,” he said.

Stanley stated that the firm’s culture is team-based, and focused on empowering associates. “We value input and welcome new ideas,” he stated. “Diversity in experience is one of the drivers of our innovation process.”

“We welcome all hard-working sales and marketing pros to apply,” Stanley concluded. “Someday, like Vinh, you might be able to advance to a leadership role as well.”

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