Sigmoid Launches Multi-Touch Attribution Accelerator for CPG

Enables marketers to continuously measure and optimize marketing tactics at granular levels to improve ROMI


Sigmoid, a strategic data and analytics partner to the world's largest enterprise data platforms, today announced the launch of its new Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) accelerator for the CPG industry. It enables marketers to understand the impact of each media choice across the consumer's journey and modify campaigns mid-flight. Using this accelerator, CPG companies can get better insights into consumer digital behaviour, enhance brand perception and deliver incremental sales lift.

Traditional solutions that measure marketing effectiveness take a long time to showcase the campaign performance. The resultant data points are often outdated and don't provide meaningful insights to improve the current campaign performance. Sigmoid's MTA accelerator caters to this gap by expediting the reports generation, providing faster, relevant and actionable insights. This empowers marketers with in-flight campaign optimization, leading to timely decision-making and optimal return of each marketing dollar.

"Sigmoid's MTA solution is the perfect answer to the increasing demands of today's global brand marketers. The solution is fast, scalable and provides weekly insights even in scenarios where data availability is limited, ensuring continuous measurement and optimization of campaign performances to deliver real-world business impact," said Rahul Kumar Singh, Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer at Sigmoid.

The solution uses concepts of quasi-experimentation to overcome barriers such as the absence of user-level data. The solution uses case control, multiple regressions, confounding variables control and double blinding to control impact of multiple sources of errors.

"Optimal utilization of limited budgets and fierce competition for consumers attention are among the top concerns for every marketer. Amidst the rising digital spends, CPG companies have shown an increased reliance on data-driven marketing effectiveness, particularly Multi-Touch Attribution solutions. What we have developed is a robust solution that allows brands and marketers to leverage the full value of data like never before. Sigmoid's MTA solution delivers quick wins by enabling brands to influence their customers at the right time with the right messages," said Lokesh Anand, Co-Founder and CEO at Sigmoid.

The solution also comes bundled with a high refresh-rate campaign performance dashboard that provides in-depth analytics on marketing spends at different levels such as product, campaign, digital channel, tactic, creative, etc. Using this dashboard, organizations can achieve full transparency and visibility into different campaign metrics.

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