SiFlash Extreme Performance Flash Storage System Introduced by Scalable Informatics

Flexible high performance/ low latency storage becomes simple and cost-effective with siFlash SSD- and PCIE-based flash storage system from Scalable Informatics.

Scalable Informatics, Inc., a provider of innovative high performance storage and computing solutions, announced at the SC11 Super Computing conference (booth 4101) the immediate availability of the siFlash Extreme Performance Storage System.

siFlash™ provides very high performance storage capabilities for block and file operations. Built atop Scalable Informatics high performance JackRabbit storage platform, it provides industry standard block and file system target capability. Leveraging common interconnection fabrics, siFlash makes building flexible high performance/ low latency storage simple and cost-effective, with the ability to connect to current and future generations of storage and clients. Units start at 300GB and can provide 10's of TB of Solid State Disk (SSD) per device. siFlash may be used within Scalable Informatics siCluster systems to provide hundreds of TB to PB of extreme performance Flash storage capability for performance-bound, end user data applications.

"Scalable Informatics is excited to offer siFlash to big data users that require high bandwidth and many IOPs," said Dr. Joseph Landman, CEO of Scalable Informatics. "The system design allows for simple, simultaneous high-performance, direct attached and network fabric connectivity to the siFlash storage -- a definite benefit for any business needing extremely fast access to their data."

End users can connect clients to siFlash file and/or block targets over InfiniBand, 1/10/40 Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and Gigabit connections. siFlash supports NFS, CIFS, GlusterFS, Lustre, GPFS , Ceph, Fraunhofer File System (FhGFS), Quantum StorNext file system targets, and iSCSI/iSER, SRP, and FC block targets. Existing JackRabbit and Delta-V customers may integrate siFlash to provide additional capabilities.

"Utilizing Virident tachIOn™ and MaxFlash™ cards, siFlash has demonstrated random reads and writes exceeding 950k IOPs to and from storage using 8k files and a 30% write mixture, as well as 3+ GB/s on streaming data operations" Dr. Landman reported. "The siFlash-SSD RAID Attached system, has demonstrated up to 60k IOPs and over 1 GB/s per unit."

Mark Corcoran, Director of Sales for Scalable Informatics added that a financial services customer had recently purchased a 7+ GB/s, 330k IOP siFlash-SSD unit used for NFS, file, and web services. "Other customers have been evaluating siFlash as metadata and cache servers for various parallel file systems, very fast NFS and CIFS data storage units, and similar extreme-performance use cases," Mr. Corcoran said. "The siFlash family is targeted at users working with financial services, next-generation sequencing, scientific and engineering computing, post production and special effects."

siFlash is immediately available from Scalable Informatics and its reseller partners.