Cash for Clunkers: High Performance Computing Hardware Trade-up Program

Scalable Informatics announces a trade-up program to exchange end-of-life high performance computing hardware for a substantial discount on newer, faster JackRabbit and Delta-V systems.

Scalable Informatics (SI), provider of high performance computing and storage systems and solutions, announced a Hardware Trade-up Program that enables users of competitors' high performance computing and storage systems to cost-effectively upgrade their existing hardware to higher performance SI JackRabbit™ and Delta-V™ storage servers, and siCluster™ storage clusters.

In response to vendors departing the market or otherwise reducing their support for high performance computing (HPC) storage systems, Scalable Informatics has stepped up to support business operations by providing newer, faster, and more reliable systems to replace older HPC storage systems. Under the Hardware Trade-up Program, users may trade in their current hardware to receive a substantial discount off the list price of new systems and support from Scalable Informatics.

Scalable Informatics' successful JackRabbit and Delta-V server/storage solution lines are continually increasing their presence in varied applications such as financial services, computer animation, life sciences, NGS (next generation sequencing), scientific and engineering computing, as well as other application areas in both the public and private sectors.

Coupling excellent performance with exceptional reliability, these systems allow end users to access and interact with their data significantly faster than in the past. Administrators can look forward to lower support costs as SI gear is built upon open standards. Risk of "bricking" - where a system is rendered unusable due to proprietary component failure, discontinuance of support by the vendor, or the vendor going out of business - is virtually eliminated with JackRabbit and Delta-V.

"We are proud to offer our Hardware Trade-up Program as a solution to companies concerned about the potential for support of the hardware that is so essential to the success of their business," said Joseph Landman, PhD., CEO and Founder of Scalable Informatics. "Through this program, companies will not only receive new, faster hardware, they'll gain some peace of mind as well."

Recent and soon to be end-of-life products covered under the program include the Sun x45x0 series (Thumper, Thor, etc), as well as older model units from other storage vendors. Information on models and eligible hardware configurations are available from Scalable Informatics' website: