Sicura Automatic Divers 300M Crystal SM606GB Mens Watch

Sicura saved Breitling from its death when cheap quartz revolution killed the big Swiss brands.

There’s no need to go blah-blah-blah explaining how great the Sicura automatic divers 300M crystal SM606GB mens watch is; there’s an old adage that says a good wine does not need any bush. Here, bush means praises on highest quality or sophistication. Those who are familiar with the name need no introduction to this other side of Breitling; those who are new to the arena, please read on.

A bit on the background, first. Sicura comes under the rosters of the Chamber of Commerce. The company holds three different names, used at will over the years. Montres Sicura S.A. Grenchenl; Sicura Uhren A.G. Grenchen are for them with super-sharp intellects; the simple one - Sicura Watch Company Ltd. Grenchen - is for the rest of them. They all point to the same organisation, connected to Breitling.

Sicura saved Breitling from its death when cheap quartz revolution killed the big Swiss brands. From 1979 till the late ‘80s, it backed Breitling, rebuilt its potential and then stepped down to let it work individually again. Breitling’s greater potential and appeal made Ernest Schneider (Sicura founder; a pilot and micro-electronics specialist by profession) run just the brand Breitling; Sicura, being from an earlier era of Schneider’s career, embodies his knowledge and expertise as a young professional.

This is also why Sicura focuses mostly on technical watches, even their vintage ones. And vintage or not, the upper-range Sicura Jump Hour Watch shall inevitably bear a coat-of-arms on its back cover. It’s high-quality decoration that comes inexpensive.

So it goes without saying Sicura Breitling Watches shall not overlook the importance of marine watches. It’s an arena that makes up for a vast chunk of the watch market, so Sicura couldn’t have underplayed. Sicura built this automatic divers’ 300M Crystal SM606GB Mens Watch for divers to rely upon as far as safe immersions are concerned. It is able to stand up to pressures of moderately deep diving, both in calm and rough, sweet and salty waters; shockproof and with a face visible in almost all shades of murky, dark-y waters.

The screw-down crown is one of the highlights of this sophisticated Sicura diver watch for men. Its importance can’t be stressed enough while one is under surface level in the waters while an all steel construction ensures it’s going to go a long way. It’s built not to break with salt water, so chances for the strap links or the safety deployment clasp to go weak is reduced to nil.

Apart from the utility side, it’s a great accessory to go with one's everyday life; better if one is into clubbing and pool-side jam-ups. The Sicura Automatic divers 300M crystal SM606GB mens watch is a rarity that one can easily expose to corrosive environments and still smile about it.

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