Armani Exchange Chronograph Black Dial AX1214 Mens Watch

The Armani Exchange Chronograph Black Dial AX1214 Mens Watch exudes an overall style drenched in attitude and performance.

Armani Exchange is the high-gloss side of the Armani fashion line. The brand focuses on the younger crowd with provocative designs inspired by contemporary trends in dance music, backed by a street lifestyle.

Armani Exchange is represented as A|X on its products. Its prices are moderate prices (compared to other brand names) despite holding and maintaining supreme quality levels.

The Armani Exchange Chronograph Black Dial AX1214 Mens Watch exudes an overall style drenched in attitude and performance. It’s the basic principle around which it has been built and designed. It surpasses the boundaries of a decent watch and enters the domain of sharp, versatile and pairs-with-all look.

The Armani Exchange Black Dial Chronograph is a celebration in solid stainless steel construction and mineral crystal that’s attractive, comfortable and lets one freely express one's personal style. Its trendy, youthful bent invokes the spirits of fall or holidays. Its sleek, streamlined and functional style helps it create a definitive modern edge which the contrasting bicolour scheme enhances all the more. Compared to other fashionable, large watches from the brand, this stripped down chronograph is special due to a few reasons. It’s not an oversized chronograph, so has more access socially in an urban life. There are no unnecessary features (like helium valves and fathoms after fathoms of water resistance when primarily, one are going to use it in regular city life) to escalate both complexity and price. All those adhere to Armani’s design ethics which now bases on the concept of sublime simplicity.

The Armani Exchange Chronograph dial layout is between sparse and dense. It’s not overly crowded or looking busy, yet fills up the main dial space in a most complete manner. The sharp contrast between hands and the dial (also the subdial marks and borders) creates a forward-looking watch. It’s built to focus on telling time and count its every move without unnecessary clutter.

The watch boasts of a precision gleam about it. It imparts the watch a distinct sharpness, something which A|X does so well! It makes the timepiece worthy of a second look and a solid pick. Even without the gee-whiz stuff like rotating-bezels, more than necessary numbers of dials and microscopic markings. Its strong construction, subtle face design and only-essentials outlook makes it a comfortable all-day watch that handles rigors of fairly serious sports very well.

The weekends find the max use of it. It fits in somewhere between dressing down and dressing up, so dark jeans and a blazer goes with it as much as printed pink shirts and khakis.

The Armani Exchange Watches Online makes both for a great gift or a special occasion purchase. Its classic chronograph style demands attention and gets it as an easy treat.

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