Showa Boston Institute to Install Solar With Plankton Energy

Plankton Energy

Plankton Energy partnered with Showa Boston Institute of Language and Culture to install a 570-kilowatt rooftop solar system on its campus in Moss Hill.

The solar system will utilize over 1,500 solar modules and provide 700,000 kWh of electricity to Showa Boston annually – covering nearly all of their electricity needs. The system will be the second-largest on-site solar system at an educational institution in Boston.

Over the life of the solar system, Showa will save $1.5 million in electricity costs and will reduce carbon emissions by over 8,800 metric tons. This is the equivalent of avoiding the use of over one million gallons of gasoline. Funded by Plankton Energy, the system will be installed in fall 2019 and begin operation in early 2020.

“I hope this project helps demonstrate that converting to green energy isn't just the idealistic thing to do – it's the hardheaded thing to do,” said Showa Boston President Frank Schwartz.

“We are honored by the opportunity to work with such a pillar of intercultural exchange in the Boston area. We pride ourselves in empowering our customers to serve as sustainability leaders in their communities and it’s exciting to support Showa as they continue their important work,” said Dan Giuffrida, founder and CEO of Plankton Energy.

Plankton Energy is a turnkey solar energy provider dedicated to serving schools, houses of worship, and small businesses across the United States. Plankton supports schools and community institutions like Showa Boston to save considerably on their electricity bills and pioneer energy choices that align with their sustainability values.

Established in 1988 as a satellite campus for Showa Women’s University in Tokyo, Japan, Showa Boston is a Japanese language and culture center located in the beautiful Moss Hill neighborhood of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Since its founding, Showa Boston has been a bridge between America and Japan, promoting global awareness, international understanding, and intercultural dialogue within and beyond the Boston community. Over 700 students study in Boston annually.

Source: Plankton Energy

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Plankton Energy is a solar energy provider dedicated to serving schools, houses of worship, and small and medium enterprises.

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