Shots Box Launches to Deliver Craft Distilled Spirits Samples Direct to the Consumer for At-Home Tastings, Benefiting Local Distillers Nationwide

Subscribers will receive curated samples of craft liquor to their doorsteps monthly

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Shots Box, a monthly subscription box featuring spirits samples, is launching today to connect craft distilleries to people nationwide which provides consumers a new way to discover and taste craft spirits in sample sizes before making the commitment to buy a full-sized bottle.

Consumers can now be a part of this subscription service and retail experience which brings a variety of high-quality craft spirits from around the country to consumers’ doorsteps and expands their selection from typical liquor store offerings. In addition, consumers can now avoid paying top-shelf prices for full bottles of liquor that they may not have a palate for. With Shots Box, consumers have the opportunity to taste unique spirits first and then can purchase a full-sized bottle from the Shots Box website or retail store, allowing them to affordably discover their drink of choice.

The company’s goal is not only to help consumers discover new brands but also offer local distilleries, who may not have wide distribution or marketing, the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

“The best spirits, in my opinion, are from craft distilleries which is why I am excited to announce the launch of Shots Box,” said J.C. Stock, CEO and co-founder of Shots Box.

“Our subscription service delivers samples of the best liquors from around the country and connects our subscribers by letting them share experiences and thoughts online. We want consumers to discover new favorites and enjoy the process of becoming a better-informed alcohol consumer.”

Subscribers will have the opportunity to exchange authentic reviews of products and share their thoughts, recipes and more across the Shots Box online platform.

How Shots Box Works:
Shots Box is a monthly subscription service. For $39.99 USD each month, subscribers will receive 10 liquor samples and cocktail recipes. Every month, members will be able to try the hand-selected craft distilled samples, discover new favorites and start shopping for liquor with confidence. On the Shots Box platform, subscribers will also be able to share reviews of each sample and browse reviews left by other alcohol enthusiasts. By contributing feedback, members will have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping out other consumers and be rewarded with points that can be redeemed for discounts and prizes.

Product Details- Each box will contain:

  • 10 Liquor Samples
  • A Recipe Card

Consumers can subscribe to Shots Box using the following link:

Shots Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers an array of shot-sized craft distilled liquors specially curated by tastemakers to doorsteps across America. It is a new way to try spirits, discover and share new favorites, and avoid paying top-shelf prices for full bottles of liquor that the consumer has not previously tasted. It is the ultimate liquor sampling subscription box. The service ships the subscriber samples of the best liquors from around the country and connects them online to share their experiences with other consumers with the goal of discovering new favorites and becoming a better-informed alcohol consumer. Follow Shots Box on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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