Short List Announced for the Anders Gustaf Ekeberg Tantalum Prize 2019

The Ekeberg Prize short list 2019 recognizes excellence in published tantalum (Ta) research.

The Ekeberg Medal

The Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center (T.I.C.) has announced that the Anders Gustaf Ekeberg Tantalum Prize (‘Ekeberg Prize’) short list 2019 has been officially announced. The Ekeberg Prize is awarded annually for outstanding contribution to the advancement of the knowledge and understanding of the element tantalum (Ta).

Announcing the 2019 short list, the Director of the T.I.C., Roland Chavasse, said that the long-term future of the tantalum market will depend on technology-driven innovations, and the Prize will encourage research and development. “Winners of the Anders Gustaf Ekeberg Tantalum Prize will be acknowledged as true leaders in this field,” he added. 

The award is administered by the Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center (T.I.C.), the global trade body representing the tantalum and niobium industry.

The seven publications on the short list show the great versatility of tantalum:

·       Modeling fuzzy logic using tantalum-based multi-state memristive devices

·       Hydrometallurgical recycling of epoxy-coated solid tantalum capacitors

·       A study of the metallurgical properties of Ti-28 tantalum alloy

·       Creating TaN electrodes for use with tantalum-based memristive devices

·       Analysis of additively manufactured parts using Ti-25Ta alloy

·       Tantalum-yttrium oxide coatings for high-temperature Bragg (dielectric) mirrors

·       A study of the properties of tantalum when used in the additive manufacturing process

The winner will be chosen by the independent panel of experts, and the Prize medal, made from pure tantalum metal, will be awarded at the T.I.C.’s 60th General Assembly (annual conference) in Hong Kong, in October 2019. The T.I.C.’s conference is the largest annual gathering of tantalum and niobium industry leaders, with delegates from every sector of the global industry.

The 2018 winner was Dr. Yuri Freeman for his landmark treatise “Tantalum and Niobium-Based Capacitors”. Dr. Freeman is the Director of Advanced Research in the Tantalum (Ta) business unit and a member of the Advanced Technology Group at KEMET Electronics. 

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Source: Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center (T.I.C.)