Shoppable Video Has Arrived: App Refines Media Commerce by Linking Products to Rich Media

Videos (and Photos) with Product Breakdown in Mobile App

​​To the Tens, the first lifestyle app to introduce instantly shoppable video (in addition to shoppable photos), has achieved the most seamless content-to-commerce transition to date. The platform’s ability to attach the exact featured products to user-uploaded photo and video's from Youtube is a significant advancement in the “internet of things,” marking a breed of ‘media commerce’ that is changing the way consumers interact with – and shop from – social media.

The platform acknowledges that an online community is a place where each user is both consumer and creator. Therefore, it provides a seamless transition from social engagement to e-commerce by utilizing user-generated content as the ultimate conversion tool. This maximizes conversion rates without compromising user experience.

To the Tens launched in response to a general shortfall in the online experience, with content becoming less genuine and organic posts losing ground to paid ones. The platform is ad-free, recognizing that on any social platform it’s the organic user content that keeps people logging back on. Still, the greatest attraction of To The Tens remains its seamless transition from inspiration to shopping. This comes at a crucial time as consumers spend increasingly more online time engaging with social content that features tutorials, unboxing, and product demos. Notably, this type of content is now a leading factor in purchase decisions and brand awareness.

In addition to enhancing the overall user experience, linking products to user-generated content also allows To The Tens to incentivize users whenever someone shops from their photo or video: every time a product is sold through a user’s content, that user gets part of the sale. These earnings are disbursed in the form of points, which can be cashed out to Paypal. The premise of To the Tens is that as users share their life moments, along with the things they love, they deserve to be rewarded when someone else buys those items – when someone else buys into their story.

Founding CEO Paul Ahn explains, “The purpose of To The Tens is to harness the most engaging type of content into a holistic experience that incorporates inspiration, interaction, and acquisition.” Ahn recognizes the incongruity of the social media microeconomy, which is driven by ad revenue from paid content that stunts the inspiration-to-purchase journey and doesn’t convert. He questions, “What if there were an ecosystem that connects the dots between what we like to see and what we want to buy, while rewarding us - the real content creators - for sharing the products we believe in?”

The platform’s smooth unification of social content and mobile commerce hinges upon its unique functionality: To The Tens enables socially-shared photo and video content to be linked to actual products, so that beneath each visual story is a full breakdown of the things that comprise it. Users instantly shop by tapping on the image of the item they wish to buy.

About To The Tens

To The Tens is a media commerce platform that goes beyond the constraints of traditional e-commerce to drive value discovery and purchases within a fun, informative social context. The Silicon Beach tech company was named among Decoded London’s Top Four Startups of 2017. While successfully managing an emerging fashion label, creator Paul Ahn met firsthand with a problem faced by countless brands: social media exposure was driven by marketing dollars, favoring a handful of heavily-backed brands while leaving most with little opportunity for exposure. To The Tens thus emerged as the solution, integrating extensive industry experience with a highly strategized approach to user-driven technology. The company is committed to “changing the way things are seen and bought online.” To The Tens is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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