Shipley Do-Nuts Castle Hills Makes Life Delicious with Mvix Digital Menu Boards

Shipley Do-Nuts Castle Hills has selected Mvix, a leader in content-rich digital signage, to power their digital menu board network.

Shipley Do-Nuts Castle Hills Makes Life Delicious with Digital Menu Boards

​​The Shipley Do-Nuts chain opened as a single family-owned bakery in Houston, Texas after Lawrence Shipley, Sr. created a gourmet donut recipe. Initially only selling the confectionery wholesale, the Do-Nuts’ success propelled the Shipley family business into the retail market by the mid-1940s. Today, the Shipley Do-Nuts chain offers over 60 varieties of the finest Do-Nuts and kolaches in the business, and it has expanded to over 300 locations throughout six mid-southern states.

Shipley Do-Nuts Castle Hills, locally owned and managed by three partners who live in Carrollton and Lewisville, is different from generic mom–and–pop donut shops. Opened in 2015, Shipley Castle Hills has an upscale feel to meet the needs of locals who expect and desire a higher level of product and service. Moving upscale raises their profile and avoids them being labeled pedestrian when compared with competitors.

This move led Shipley Castle Hills to invest in digital menu boards.

Mvix's digital menu board solution is extremely easy to use. This, and the professional content, were the most appealing features of their solution. The solution is cloud-based which means I can access it from any computer with an internet connection. The drag-and-drop editor means I can create and customize the menu templates with a lot of ease.

Kent Good

Franchise Owner

Digital menu boards challenge businesses to rethink how they communicate and engage with their customers. They create engaging visual stories that influence behavior and profitability. Taking this tech-centric approach to communication allowed Shipley Castle Hills to stand out even more.

Kent Good, the franchise owner, and his team had clearly defined objectives for the new digital menu board system. They needed a pocket-friendly solution that would produce high quality content with ease and add visual appeal to the shop. The solution would need to deliver dynamic menu content in a timely fashion.

They also needed a solution that was easy to manage. This meant the digital menu board system needed to be easily accessible, flexible, and scalable with features such as playlist management and comprehensive scheduling and day-parting.

Each of these requirements was fulfilled by Mvix's digital menu board solution.

“Mvix’s digital menu board solution is extremely easy to use. This and the professional content were the most appealing features of their solution,” said Kent. “The solution is cloud-based which means I can access it from any computer with an internet connection. The drag-and-drop editor means I can create and customize the menu templates with a lot of ease.”

Mvix’s solutions also include multiple content apps and widgets such as social media, YouTube, weather, QR code, enterprise HTML5 and more. The widgets allow restaurant operators to add live, tailored content to their menu boards which adds value to the customer’s experience.

Kent and his team also drafted Mvix’s Design Studio to produce professional menu templates. Armed with years of digital content design experience and understanding, the creative services team was able to design menu templates that capture customer attention while adhering to Shipley’s branding guidelines and communication requirements.  

“We made the executive decision to do what we do best, make delicious donuts, and let Mvix’s Design Studio handle the creative,” said Kent. “They meticulously followed the rules of digital menu board design, and created templates that not only stood out, but represented Shipley Castle Hills very well.”

With the new digital menu boards, Shipley Castle Hill has seen improved engagement with their customers, reduced printing costs, and they’ve been able to manage menu items efficiently.

“Shipley Castle Hills’ tech-centric approach to customer engagement is refreshing,” said Mike Kilian, Mvix’s Director of Business Development. “You still get the quality product and service, but with a splash of tech that’ll make your experience that much more easy and enjoyable. We’re privileged to be able to provide a technology solution that will no doubt continue to help them make life delicious for many years to come!”

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