Mvix and Shuttle Computers Launch an Affordable, Commercial-Grade Hardware Solution for Digital Signage

Shuttle Computers, a major supplier of computer hardware, has partnered with Mvix to leverage their award-winning digital signage software for distribution, all at a one-time-cost.

Shuttle Computers, a major provider of ruggedized and semi-ruggedized computer hardware, has partnered with Mvix, a leading provider of enterprise-grade digital signage, to deliver an affordable, fully integrated digital signage solution.

Headquartered in City of Industry, Los Angeles County, CA, Shuttle Computers is the North American subsidiary of Shuttle Inc. based in Taiwan. Shuttle Computers provides high-performance industrial computers and personalized support, specializing in OEM customizations and drop-ship services. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, their knowledgeable staff ensures needs are met with expert assistance.

As a part of this partnership, Shuttle Computers and Mvix will supply ready-to-use, 4K media players preloaded with fully licensed Mvix digital signage software. "We focused on simplifying the user experience and the delivery system,” stated Tosh Akhgar, Director of Sales & Marketing at Shuttle Computers. "The initial hurdle in digital signage projects often revolves around managing monthly subscriptions and billing across a networked deployment. Our perpetual licensed bundle, coupled with our hardware, offers a solution to this widespread challenge. Additionally, our streamlined online store for purchasing this bundle and personalized communication with project managers for customization make us enthusiastic about introducing this new tool to the digital signage marketplace."

"At Mvix, we are constantly seeking to add value for our clients," followed-up Mike Kilian, VP of Client Relations at Mvix. "By bundling Shuttle Computers & Mvix solutions, we are providing unparalleled service and ROI to digital signage users worldwide. This value also translates to our partner channel, where the Shuttle Computers & Mvix solution can be deployed seamlessly and efficiently."

A trailblazer in full-service digital signage, Mvix solutions include premium features such as Power BI integration, interactive digital signage, and digital court dockets, all complemented by high-quality content. Notably, Mvix stands out for its cost-effective pricing model, which involves no licensing or subscription fees. This makes it one of the most budget-friendly end-to-end signage systems currently accessible in the market. 

The Shuttle Computers & Mvix hardware/software solution is available now and can be purchased through either the Shuttle or Mvix websites.

About Mvix

Mvix is a leading digital signage provider, specializing in end-to-end, full-service solutions backed by its award-winning digital signage software that offers unique value to clients all over the world. For more information, contact Mvix at 866.310.4923 or visit:

About Shuttle Computers

Shuttle Computers is committed to unparalleled customer service and offers a diverse range of compact, high-performance industrial computers. Our expert team specializes in OEM customizations, imaging, and drop-ship services, ensuring personalized support tailored to your needs. With a steadfast focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we're dedicated to providing the perfect solution for you. Contact Shuttle Computers at 888-972-1818 or visit:

Source: Mvix Digital Signage