Sherpa Digital Media Launches Competitor Product Swap Program

Market leading enterprise Video as a Service Platform provider enables customers to rapidly achieve the benefits of live and on-demand video with a modern, scalable and extensible solution

 Sherpa Digital Media, the leading provider of modern, scalable and extensible Video as a Service (VaaS) solutions for the enterprise, today announced a new Competitor Product Swap Program whereby customers can upgrade from legacy video products to the Sherpa VaaS Platform quickly and economically. The Competitor Product Swap Program enables customers to transition to the Sherpa VaaS Platform with a transitional subscription license, easily migrate video content to Sherpa VaaS, and recycle and upgrade legacy Content Delivery Network products to high-performance Sherpa MediaEdges.

Sherpa has re-imagined the enterprise video experience by developing a purpose-built, modern video platform from the ground up that makes it easy for customers to create, manage and deliver video content and rapidly deploy and scale video initiatives. The Sherpa VaaS Platform provides customers with the following key advantages:

  • Re-Imagined User Experience – Sherpa’s state of the art video experience leverages modern browser and viewing technologies, transforming the way users in the enterprise view and interact with live and on-demand video content.
  • Scalable Core Architecture – the Sherpa VaaS Platform was designed and built with a micro-services, multi-tenant core architecture that provides unlimited scale, quality, reliability, and resiliency, and is built to facilitate ongoing upgrades which include groundbreaking advances in features, functionality and optimized video delivery over corporate networks.
  • Out-of-the-Box Interoperability – Sherpa delivers video to the user by providing a complete suite of platform APIs that automate integration with any 3rd party application, portal or intranet and allow the development of new video-enabled applications.
  • Straight Forward Licensing Model – Sherpa’s subscription pricing model and licensing package Treks make it easy for any organization to get started and grow their video initiatives over time.
  • Flexible Deployment Models – the Sherpa VaaS Platform is a hybrid architecture solution, providing both cloud-based and on-premise deployment options.

Customers eligible for the program include those that have currently deployed products from vendors in the enterprise video industry, including vBrick, Qumu, MediaPlatform, Kaltura, Brightcove, and Panopto. Customers participating in the Competitor Product Swap Program will enjoy the following program benefits:

  • First 3 Months Free on Sherpa VaaS Platform Subscription - to enable a seamless transition from legacy Enterprise Video products to the market-leading Sherpa VaaS Platform, Sherpa will offer customers the initial 3-month period of a license subscription, with a term of 2 years or more, at no cost.​
  • Free Content Migration Services - Sherpa will provide customers with 10 hours of Content Migration Services at no cost, including use of Sherpa’s Content Migration Utility (CMU) to facilitate the rapid transfer of video assets from legacy Enterprise Video products to the Sherpa Platform.​
  • Content Delivery Network Product Upgrade - to facilitate the exchange of legacy Content Delivery Network (CDN) products for Sherpa’s newly architected MediaEdge solution, Sherpa will process and recycle competitive product CDN hardware and software products, including all shipping, handling and recycling fees, and replace legacy products with a MediaEdge solution right-sized for each location. Sherpa will offer a 25% discount on the first-year subscription for all MediaEdge products deployed at locations where competitive CDN products were previously implemented.

“Customers have endured stagnation in the enterprise video market for far too long, in terms of both technology and business model innovation,” said Steve Pattison, CEO of Sherpa Digital Media. “Sherpa offers customers a reimagined Video as a Service Platform that provides the best of both worlds; a scalable core platform, modern look and feel, and a subscription business model that maps to the value being realized by a business of any size.”

“We have worked hard at Sherpa to develop the Sherpa VaaS Platform leveraging the latest technologies, tools, and development techniques,” said Mark Strathdee, CTO of Sherpa Digital Media.  “The response from customers and prospects has been fantastic, as we help organizations seeking to realize the full potential of their video initiatives.”

The Sherpa Competitor Product Swap Program will expire on December 31, 2019, and is available to customers internationally.

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