Server Genius 3.2 to Reveal Remote User's Experience

As announced earlier this year, RDS-Tools has been working on vast improvements to Server Genius, their tool for monitoring Remote Desktop Services. Today, they are proud to release a new version with advanced functionalities: Server Genius 3.2 is the smart and easy solution network managers have been waiting for.

Learn How Applications are Used Per User

‚ÄčThere are many server monitoring and reporting tools available on the market. What makes Server Genius different is its simplicity and its power. Contrary to its major competitors, Server Genius was first designed specifically for RDS. Its capabilities have recently been extended to websites and applications to ensure global and unified monitoring of any network infrastructure. The new and improved 3.2 release takes this development even further.

Server Genius simplifies the jobs of network managers.

With this upgrade, Server Genius aims to convert another category of its target audience: project managers and product owners looking for a precise reporting tool to easily analyze the ROI of their IT infrastructure.

Its new features streamline the reading of data metrics:

  • Enhanced user experience with redesigned dashboards and intuitive navigation
  • Additional reports regarding application usage and user behavior on remote sessions
  • Optimized processor consumption for lower performance systems

In addition to its new features, Server Genius offers impressive monitoring and reporting capabilities:

  • Detailed information on servers and websites, all in one place for a quick and clear assessment of network status
  • Smart and colorful graphs, turning specific technical data into explicit statistics
  • Personalized, real-time alerts sent by email to troubleshoot any issue

With these innovations, Server Genius has the potential to be an essential reporting tool for managers without a technical background in IT. Data metrics are presented in such simple and comprehensive formats, that it is easy to understand the pertinence and utility of the solutions implemented over the network. With access to precise information about RDS usage, such as active sessions over time, most-used applications and user preferences, managers are perfectly equipped with real data to back up their investment decisions. They can finally focus on other tasks and supervise their team with full autonomy. Plus, Server Genius' customizable alert system allows managers to correct any error before users notice, thereby preventing complaints and costly incidents.

Server Genius is the all-in-one monitoring solution for your entire infrastructure with the industry's most user-friendly pricing!

The link to the Update file is unchanged and as it is a major release, we strongly recommend you to apply it.

A trial version is also available here:

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