SEO Experts Explain What Search Engines Are Looking For

Google pays close attention to user experience on a website along with a range of other factors. Melbourne's leading SEO agency explains how SEO best practice drives organic traffic to a website.

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According to the premier SEO agency Melbourne-wide, Zib Digital, building strong site architecture and providing clear navigation helps search engines index a website quickly and easily. Zib Digital explains how to enhance user experience through various techniques.

The internal algorithm of a search engine is focused on providing users with the most relevant websites based on their search terms. To ensure a website ranks higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), it's important for the content to be high quality - that is useful and well produced. Longer form content that takes into consideration a visitor's intention as a whole, rather than just being keyword-focused will enhance the user's experience and encourage repeat visitors. 

To help create a better user experience, a website needs to be easy to navigate with relevant internal linking and related content, says Zib Digital. Internal linking helps to push traffic around the site, providing the audience with further information and will improve ranking for certain keywords, while also helping search engines crawl and index the site. 

Zib Digital explains that meta descriptions and title tags are also important for both telling users and search engines what a web page is about. Using accurate keywords to describe the page will increase the chances of a user clicking on the website. 

Other key factors affecting experience are site speed and responsive design that is optimised for any device or screen size. As leaders in SEO Melbourne-wide, Zib Digital says when Google is determining the authority of a website, the search engine also considers links from other authority websites, so it's important not to underestimate the importance of quality backlinks. 

On the flip side, Zib Digital explains there are many 'black hat' practices that can result in Google penalising a website. Keyword stuffing will not help with a website's ranking and will affect the readability of a site. Additionally, duplicate content and hidden text and links will actually hinder a website's ranking.

With more than a decade of experience helping hundreds of clients achieve first-page results, Zib Digital uses proven strategies to deliver long-term results. For more information, contact the top digital marketing agency Melbourne-wide today.


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