SEO Experts Explain What Google's Core Algorithm Update Rollout Means

Google has confirmed the May 2022 core algorithm update rollout which could result in a rise or drop in search engine rankings for certain pages.

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According to the leading digital marketing agency in Auckland, Zib Digital, the last time Google launched a core update was back in November last year. Core algorithm updates are aimed at boosting the overall relevance of search results. Updates can cause site pages to fluctuate up and down in search engine results.

On May 25, Google announced the rollout of a new core search engine algorithm update, with the full implementation to take approximately two weeks. Zib Digital says fluctuations in page positions are to be expected and may stabilise a few weeks after the rollout is complete.

Google makes hundreds of updates to the algorithm each year, including minor and major updates. Core updates occur every few months. While these updates may create noticeable changes to the way certain sites perform in organic results, the updates are broad and don't target any specific issues or particular sites, says Zib Digital. 

Since the rollout of the latest Google update began, the effects have been felt quickly. For pages that experience a drop in ranking, Zib Digital explains they aren't actually being penalised by Google, instead they have been reassessed against other web content that has been published since the last update. 

The premier SEO company in Auckland says Google released recommendations and information regarding algorithm updates in 2019. With any update, sites can expect position increases or decreases and to avoid fluctuations, the focus should be on publishing high quality and relevant content. 

Zib Digital says website owners shouldn't panic when Google releases new updates and should take the time to assess whether changes need to be implemented. If SEO is applied properly in accordance with Google's guidelines, there is no reason to be concerned about algorithm updates.  

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