Sentient Decision Science's Emotional Intelligence Technology Demonstrates How Yoga Improves the Well-Being of Aging Adults

On the United Nations' International Yoga Day that Celebrates Yoga for Well-Being, Sentient Decision Science Shows Emotion of Yoga

Breathe Happy Yoga AI Tool

As the leader in advancing the methods and technology used to quantify and measure human emotion, Sentient Decision Science is proud to announce a partnership with the UK's National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA), which are based within Newcastle University and are the UK home of Ageing Intelligence® and Breathe Happy, an AI-focussed video platform for fitness with expert trainers and posture-correction tools.

Sentient Decision Science's groundbreaking technology is being used to quantify the physical and mental health effectiveness of yoga practice in aging adults. 

"This work is uncovering, from the aged-person's perspective, their true feelings about the aging experience," said Cyrus McCandless, PhD VP, Scientific Discovery & Innovation at Sentient Decision Science. "We're enabling an understanding through empathy rather than sympathy, which is an important distinction. Through digitizing human experiences, we can obtain an objective evaluation of what aging people themselves truly believe is needed to support healthy aging."

As the leading provider of Emotional Intelligence through behavioral science technology, Sentient Decision Science and its Subconscious Research Lab are continuing to innovate scientific methods & technology to measure emotion for research projects that matter.

"As a certified yoga instructor myself, I remain fascinated at the connection between the mind and body when it comes to well-being for the aging population and the global population in general," added Sarah Brecknock, account director at Sentient Decision Science and contributor to the program. "The knowledge we gain through this program will have such impact on a greater understanding of the aging condition, using empathy as a catalyst."

Sentient Decision Science's emotion intelligence technology is providing a deeper understanding of the mental effects of yoga and the universe of machine interpretation of human factors associated to well-being. Ultimately, this collaboration will develop a remote well-being program called Move, Breathe and Connect, with Sentient Decision Science providing the foundational research on how aging adults truly feel.

By leveraging Sentient Decision Science's implicit technologies for this project, the team is offering a fundamental contribution to everyone working in the field of non-pharmacological treatments for the well-being of body and mind.

Sentient Subconscious Research Lab's implicit association data set—the largest in the world with over a half billion nonconscious associations—is advancing the methods of behavioral science. Big Emotion Data benefits hundreds of organizations who need emotional intelligence to gain insight on how people are feeling and why. Our combination of scientifically valid measures of emotion with scaled technology is giving important organizations like NICA and Breathe Happy more sensitivity to see emotion and greater access to the human emotional experience from anywhere in the world.

About Sentient Decision Science

Sentient Decision Science was founded in 2007 to scale access to behavioral science through automated technology to provide a more accurate prediction of behavior and deeper insight into its drivers. Sentient Decision Science is made up of the Sentient Lab and Sentient Insights. The Sentient Lab builds behavioral science-based technologies that more accurately predict and explain behavior. These technologies measure human emotion, attention and neural network associations in the mind, enabling businesses, governments and individuals to better understand the human experience. Sentient Insights builds business insights products using the theories, techniques and technologies developed by the Sentient Lab. These products are automated and answer recurrent business questions, bringing the benefits of behavioral science to business at scale. Sentient Decision Science's purpose is to increase empathy for the human condition. Sentient's technology measures emotion and its cognitive antecedents. By providing access to these two essential elements of the human experience, Sentient can increase empathy and effectively communicate through macro and micro forces in the world. Sentient is directly improving the human experience through understanding needs, motivations, emotions and attitudes. For more information, go to

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