Self-Tracking and Self-Cleaning Water Bottle BenePure to Soon Debut on Kickstarter

South Korean startup team LIVINIXX Inc. launches BenePure, a stainless steel, self-purifying bottle that also sends hydration reminder alerts, on Oct. 26, 2020.

BenePure is an innovative bottle that combines the benefits of a self-purifying bottle and intake-tracking bottle into a compact size. It will make its worldwide debut on Kickstarter, a community of early adopters who value social causes and health just as much as the LIVINIXX team, creators of BenePure, do.

"Our goal is to make the ultimate water bottle—the last one you'll ever need. It tracks your water intake for you, cleans itself for you, and it's super portable. You won't have excuses to not drink enough water anymore," said LIVINIXX CEO Jae Jin Kim.

BenePure uses UV-C technology to remove 99.9% of contaminants in both the water and bottle itself. The sterilization process is automatic, requiring no extra effort from the user to clean on command. Unlike most self-purifying bottles out in the market that have a sterilizing cap, BenePure has a sterilizing base that allows all amounts of water, even when not filled to the brim, to be directly exposed to the UV-C light. This ensures the water inside will always stay at its cleanest state.

With its app, BenePure can calculate each individual user's hydration goal, using personalized information such as height, weight, and activeness in lifestyle. The user then is prompted to customize how they would like to receive reminder alerts throughout the day. Whether it's as subtle as a blink of light on the bottle itself or a direct buzzing alert on their phone, the user has full control.

Its sterilizing base is also detachable and can be used as a sterilizing wand on other devices. The sterilization duration can be set to last as long as four minutes, which will wipe out most bacteria on large personal devices such as laptops.

The LIVINIXX team expressed their aspirations to take the bottle far beyond Kickstarter and distribute BenePure to third-world countries that do not have easy access to a water purification system. However, the team also recognizes this campaign is their stepping stone to get them where they want.  

For 30 days only, BenePure will be available on Kickstarter for as much as 44% off the retail price, starting Oct. 26, 2020. To support BenePure or learn more about it, please visit its campaign page once it goes live.

Source: LIVINIXX Inc.


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