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Knee replacement surgery in Mexico is now within your reach. Leading healthcare facilitator Mexico Health facilitates knee and hip treatments at various locations in Mexico, for a fraction of their US prices.

Mexico Health's low-priced knee replacement surgery in Mexico could be the ideal solution for knee surgery seekers, especially those financing the procedure out of their own pockets. Traveling to Mexico for affordable surgery to treat one's knees is great for people who cannot afford the cost of combating that tormenting ache in their knees caused by trauma, old age, or osteoarthritis.

This offer from MH will prove to be a boon for all those uninsured people unable to bear the expenses of an extremely high-priced surgery to get respite from the dreadful ache of their knees. This cost-effective knee surgery program in Mexico could be the way out for many who have been leading lives full of restrictions owing to their painful and slow movements. The company's Mexico knee surgery package for the self-funded is inclusive of the surgeon's fee, laboratory charges, pre-operative stage, and follow-up care.

According to the 2011 National Health Interview Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) there were 48.2 million uninsured American adults below the age of 65.

MH endeavors to extend the best of medical services to self-paying knee surgery patients, which are at par with clinics in the US or the UK.

The company has in its network world-class hospitals that strive to provide reasonably-priced treatment and patient care of highest standards which actually act as a big draw for medical tourists, especially those who seek expensive procedures like knee replacement surgery or arthroplasty. Their network covers Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexicali that offer orthopedic services.

One can choose among any of the hospitals in these cities depending on the prices, convenience of travel, and holiday interest. Those interested in a quick trip can opt for a hospital in Ciudad Juarez or Mexicali, depending on which side of the American border they are arriving. Ciudad Juarez is just 10 minutes drive from El Paso in Texas and Mexicali is at a distance of 1 and a half hours (by road) from Yuma in Arizona. Those arthroplasty clients keen on experiencing the fun and frolic of a bustling Latin American city can travel to Tijuana, while clients wishing to club a rejuvenating beach break with their knee surgery can travel to the beach resort city of Puerto Vallarta.

The Tijuana Hospital in MH's network is well-equipped with ultra-modern labs, emergency rooms, employs a team of dedicated healthcare professions whose medical expertise and English-speaking skills make American and Canadian patients quite comfortable. The facility's specialized services include orthopedic surgery, bariatric surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, neurosurgery, and pediatric surgery.

This hospital is conveniently located in the US-Mexico border area, and it can be easily accessed by road from San Diego, California. While considering knee replacement in Tijuana, Mexico, this healthcare facility is perhaps among the top choices. Here, one can expect to be at the hands of some of the most sought-after and experienced orthopedic surgeons in Latin America.

MH also has in its network several other highly committed knee surgeons, who have graduated from top-class institutions in Mexico and the US. These highly skilled surgeons have to their credit the experience of having helped hundreds of patients to combat the adverse effects of ailing knees. The company works with a renowned orthopedic surgeon who did his residency in Hospital Espanol, Mexico City and a fellowship in Houston Sports Medicine hospital, Georgia, US. He performs knee surgery, shoulder surgery, hip prosthesis, and total knee prosthesis in Mexicali.

"I've been working here in Mexicali for almost 25 years and I have that much of experience," he says.

Another leading orthopedic surgeon associated with MH has a Chicago University fellowship to treat joint problems through arthroscopy and claims to "treat all kinds of problems in the joints by arthroscopic surgery."

The quality of knee surgery in Mexico can be ascertained by the positive testimonials provided by clients contented with the arrangements and outcome of the procedure. According to Jim Golbienko from California, who, with assistance from the company, got rid of his knee problems says he was 'pleasantly surprised' at the quality of care extended to him and was highly content with the savings made. He was particularly impressed at the cleanliness of the clinic and remarked that healthcare centers in Mexico are equivalent to any medical service provider in the US.

The company ensures that clients do not have to bear their pain while waiting outside their doctor's office. Appointments with a person's doctor of choice according to his/her convenience and the availability of the doctor is given utmost priority to make a person's knee surgery trip to Mexico a memorable and satisfying experience.

MH works as a facilitator of information regarding healthcare services in Mexico so that medical tourists get a fair idea of the availability and prices of various healthcare options in the country. Prospective clients for a self-paying knee replacement surgery in Mexico are advised to contact the company for guidance on the complete procedure and payment details.

One can fill up the enquiry form on the Mexico Health website to receive a free quote from different hospitals providing low-cost knee surgery in Mexico.

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