Facelift in Cancun from Mexico Health - Your Affordable Cosmetic Makeover

Facelift surgery in Cancun could be a great option for those wishing to revitalize their faces but not having the nerve to approach the expensive cosmetic surgery clinic in their vicinity. It's time you explore better options abroad.

Mexico Health, a leading facilitator of medical tourism in Mexico, has announced the availability of discounted facelift in Cancun, Mexico. The cosmetic surgery packages offered by them are quite affordable and will not require you to break the bank, even after considering the travel and lodging expenses.

The discounted surgery packages being offered are unbelievable. The company offering facelift and MACS (mini) facelift surgeries for prices that are just about half the price of similar treatments in the US. Mexico Health also provides customized packages which can be suited to fit an individual's needs, saving the patient both time and money.

They work with respected hospitals and cosmetic surgery clinics in Cancun, one of which has been performing superior plastic and reconstructive surgery, for over 20 years. Clinics in Cancun, aside from offering exceptional medical care, endeavor to make their clients as comfortable as possible.

While some may consider the idea of getting medical care abroad with trepidation, you can trust that Mexico Health will connect you will world-class medical personnel. Their network doctors includes expert physicians, many of whom are credentialed, both in Mexico and internationally, in their specific branches of specialization.

And, because of their international backgrounds and location in a vibrant tourist destination, many of Mexico Health's network doctors and surgeons speak decent English. Many of the nurses and other staff can also converse in English and clients need not worry about the language barrier getting in the way of their cosmetic treatment. Should there still be an issue in communicating, a language interpreter can be arranged, says Mexico Health.

One of the company's most trusted clinics is under the brilliant leadership of a surgeon who has over two decades of excellence in cosmetic surgery under his belt. Having worked and studied in Germany as well as Mexico, he understands what foreign patients value and look for in plastic surgery. That expertise is what enabled him to establish and effectively run one of the most respected aesthetic surgery clinics in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Satisfied Customers

Teresa Burton of Austin, Texas employed Mexico Health's services to arrange a number of surgeries in Cancun. What impressed her the most was how the bill was taken care of.

"If I had done it in the States," she said, "it would not have been an all inclusive, it would have been separate bills for perhaps the anesthesiologists, doctors and nurses... everybody sent you a different bill."

She was also very pleased with how she was treated while south of the border, both in the clinic and out.

"Everybody here has been very professional, very nice, anything that I needed, any help I needed with different things, it's definitely worth the price that I pay, it was all inclusive, it had the interpreter, the driver."

Having Fun And Getting Around In Cancun

But having cosmetic surgery in Cancun isn't just about getting world-class aesthetic surgery for a fraction of the price. It can also be about taking a well-deserved vacation. The city's ideal location on the Caribbean coast, luxurious accommodations, and outstandingly pleasant weather make Cancun the perfect place to recover from a surgery.

Cancun boasts of picturesque white sand beaches and azure waves that one usually sees on postcards. Visitors can take up the sun, cool off in the Caribbean, or get a bit more active with fun pursuits like parasailing, horseback riding, renting jet skis, or riding banana boats.

Getting around in Cancun is very easy, especially for visitors to plastic surgery clinics. The Cancun International Airport is just a 15 minute drive south of the city center, and Mexico Health arranges for free airport pick-up service as part of their promotional packages.

For getting around in Cancun, there are many transportation options, from buses to hotel shuttles to taxis. Tourists who would rather not mess with public transportation can rent a cab.

Those interested in getting a facelift or mini facelift in Cancun can contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Mexico Health via their website, and get started with first ordering a free estimate of how much their cosmetic surgery vacation in Cancun might cost.

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