Self Improvement Month--a Month We Can All Get Behind

There's always room for a little self improvement and Elements Massage has some tips to get people started.

Amanda Guralski

It may sound cliche, but It’s a fact--no one is perfect.  No matter how much schooling people have, how much they work out, how much they volunteer, … they are not perfect!  They have bad hair days, disobedient kids and diet cheat days.  It’s how you handle these imperfections that matters, and how you work to improve yourself.  The key is that you do it to impress yourself--no one else. 

September is National Self-Improvement Month. (Yup--it’s a real thing.  Google it!)  It’s a month dedicated to making small, but impactful changes in your life. 

Amanda Guralski, aka “the bizgal,” has been coaching people on how to be successful in the workplace for years.  She has also worked as a TV host and motivational speaker.  She says the first step to self-improvement is taking a step back before you step forward.  A lot of us instantly think we need to be doing more, but the truth is, maybe we need to be doing a little less. Guralski suggests, “Get back to the basics of life. Put down the cell phone, turn off the TV and the social media and focus on your own happiness with no distractions. Take the time to draw, paint, read, take a walk, sit in a park, ride a bike, smile at a stranger... whatever it is that fuels your soul, make time for it and make sure it happens. We often forget with the hustle and bustle of life that we need to put ourselves first.”

Sounds simple enough, but really think about it… when was the last time you sat back, and had true mindfulness of where you are in life, and told yourself, “I’ve done well”?  We’re often quick to compliment others, so Self Improvement Month reinforces that it’s time to give ourselves a pat on the back now and then.

That’s not to say we should just let it all go and rest on our laurels.  It’s all about balance.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, but also consider trying something new. While it usually takes more than a month to change bad habits or successfully integrate new habits in our lives, September is a great time to start making those changes.  For example:

* Start an exercise routine – Join a gym or develop a workout routine at home. Perhaps a friend can help keep you motivated and entertained!

* Eat healthier – Notice we didn’t say diet.  Just eat more fresh fruits & vegetables and less processed foods.  Also, add more water intake daily.

* Exercise positive thinking – Don’t let negative thoughts ruin your mood.  They are pesky buggers, but thought can be managed!

* Learn something new – Take a class or learn a new hobby.

* Make time for yourself – Take care of yourself. Go for a massage or spa day to unwind and feel regenerated.

* Change bad habits – Habits can be broken, but it takes time. 

* Clean/get rid of unused items – After cleaning, donate or throw out any unused items to create a more clutter-free living and work space.

Guralski has one other tip for ultimate self-improvement.  She urges, "Never ever, stop believing in you.  Exercise mental toughness. There is so much negative noise, it can prevent us from getting the things in life that we really want. Never stop believing in yourself no matter what noise you hear. Always have your self’s back!”

While she sounds like she has it all together, Guralski admits she hasn’t always exuded self-confidence.  In her book, I am Not a Smartie Pants, she talks about the exact moment of self-doubt that made her re-examine her life, and realize she wasn’t self-improving… she was self-destructing. We can all have that moment too--where we decide to take a step back, and make a change.

So stop reading this article, turn off your computer, and enjoy the moment!

Source: Elements Massage


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